Want to Know More About Food Travel or Lifestyle? Shubhra Paul Banker is the person you’re looking for!

Want to Know More About Food Travel or Lifestyle? Shubhra Paul Banker is the person you’re looking for!
Shubhra Paul

There isn’t a day that goes by where you won’t find some new content on social media; be it a food blogger, travel blogger, you tuber or digital content creator that keeps the audience engaged with their content. Shubhra Paul is one such influencer who has her hand in the food, travel and lifestyle domain! A popular figure among the masses, Shubhra Paul’s social media presence with her enticing content keeps her audience engaged and wanting for more. She is an exquisite narrator of her experiences who is living her dream and encouraging others to do the same.

Shubhra’s Instagram handle will make you fall in love with not only her cuisine but also her travel experiences. Shubhra travels a lot, thus her Instagram account is packed with exotic destinations and wonderful experiences that take you on a virtual tour. Shubhra always makes her audience feel like they are a part of her adventure via food, travel and lifestyle. No wonder her Instagram has more than 99k already!

Shubhra has a strong voice in her community and she builds her own set of followers through her unique style of blogging and storytelling. She never leaves any stone unturned in entertaining her audience with her amazing selection of exotic locations and eateries. To add the icing on the cake, Shubhra has her own space on the internet – www.gastronomicjournal.com where she opens her heart about what she feels and aspires through food and travel blogging. According to her, she is a food enthusiast to the core. Although she wanted to study gastronomy and explore her curiosity around food the journal is her willingness to share experiences and hear peoples’ recommendations; all this while traveling to new places to explore food and take pictures. With time she started connecting with the audience and that’s how she became a food, travel and lifestyle influencer.

Through her blogging experiences, she speaks in depth about restaurants and hotels too. She can give her recommendations from over 5000 restaurants and also provide feedback on the hotels she has stayed put in. Influencer Shubhra’s success story seems to be the commitment to working insanely hard every single day. Her activity on social media strikes the right chord with her audiences and make them drool all over her feed.

However, her road to success is not easy as it seems, content creation requires a lot of hard work and presentation. Besides, to pursue her dream of being a blogger, she had to leave many aspiring job opportunities but she wouldn’t care the least as the success she has now might not have happened if she hadn’t followed her heart. She’s basically an interior designer turned social media marketer cum influencer.

Shubhra believes in making friends and helping others through collaborations. Through her Instagram handle, she holds discussion sessions to advise individuals about social media marketing and a career as an influencer. Through these sessions she teaches her audience about the art of photography and videography along with the presentation skills. Recently she started an event called ‘The Initiative’ where she donated her time and effort to fellow volunteers in order to provide home-cooked nutritious meals to the needy. “From the day I was introduced to Shubhra, I admired her enthusiasm and knowledge about food, but it was her helpfulness and fun-loving attitude that made us friends.” quotes Karan Dua, one of India’s top food influencers. Being in this business since 2018, Shubhra has been quoted has saying that it’s not always about being right or perfect, it’s about giving your best shot.


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