Mangalsudha- An exciting inspiration to Indian sculpture transforming art into pride

Mangalsudha- An exciting inspiration to Indian sculpture transforming art into pride

Sculptures are the unique cultural representation of a nation and Mangalsudha is proceeding with the emerging artists in India, who are working hard to make India proud. Mangalsudha is a dedicated effort of two individuals that results in handmade original beauty and heart-touching expressive sculptures with a long-lasting impact. The dream to make art convert into pride in India over time made the parents of Mr.Manish Buradkar encourage fellow artists to a consistent and hardcore journey.

Mangalsudha is a which encourages sculptural work, and artists of this art around India give them a platform that can bring India on the map again in creative work. Mr. Pankaj Buradkar is the creative head of the organization and he is a sculpture artist too. He has earned Bachelor’s in fine arts and the art is inherited from his family background. This shows his versatile thinking that has not limited him in a format. He is an innovative sculptor and a creative brilliant fine artist too.

Ganesh Utsav of Maharashtra is the occasion where the huge sculpture of Bappa is in high demand. Mr. Pankaj’s father Vishwas and uncle Sudhakar both were involved in making these sculptures and it was a learning period for such a great skill of the art for him. My childhood experience transformed into my present expertise in the work process.

 He is also a popular personality on social media and his demo videos including his sculpture-making scenes got viral many times. He is a man of values within this competitive world and believes in making himself better with each growing step. With this aim, he wants to live his life as an artist.

His father was also a sculptor artist, so it is in his genes. He is doing work in the art profession for the last 30 to 35 years and continued.  Mr. Manish Buradkar has done civil engineering. They went to the same, as it is their traditional business. Buradkar duo recrafting their family art business.

Mr. Manish Buradkar entered the family business with the goal in mind of making it big with the name of Mangalsudha, which is an amalgam of his mother’s name, “Mangala” and father’s name “Sudhakar”. He started promoting sculpture work in Maharashtra first, then outside India, and finally decided to make a website where people can fetch authentic handicrafts work.

For him, it’s not working it’s a Dream and enjoyment and he never felt exhausted working for hours on a single sculpture because he loved his work and it gave him immense pleasure to promote Indian talent around the world and showcase what Indian talents can do with the soil itself.     

They make idols, sculptures, murals, planters, decorative ornaments, etc. with the love that is transferred to the person who gets it own. The process looks simple but it embraces zeal, patience, and a vision to mold soil in a way that comes out as an excellence of creative art.

They are working for many years in their motherland and explored sculptures for foreign countries too and received appreciation for their deep creative work.

Their focus is on providing standard quality work, some innovative handmade art that people had never seen before. The unique sculptures are a fusion of old and modern art, a combination of pure innovation and excellence, and inspiration by using nature in art with our hands. The teamwork has a keen approach to the purity of the final product. They get the polished touch to their art via cutting to stitching, cleaning to checking, sampling to embossing, all with safety concerns of the product.

The Mangalsudha team believes in making healthy and rigid bonding with clients. As it is not just a business to them but they create and maintain relations that can be served with a full heart and focus on giving the best to their clients for a great feel of their facial gestures.

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