Founder of SK Art Studios, Siddhant Khattri, known for his realistic art, announces his much-awaited exhibition at The Leela, Mumbai

Founder of SK Art Studios Siddhant Khattri known for his realistic art announces his much-awaited exhibition at The Leela Mumbai
Siddhant Khattri

An extraordinary event is about to be held in the world of art at The Leela, Mumbai, that will redefine September as Art Month. The Leela in Mumbai has been one of those incredible places in the world that have promoted great art. This time, SK Art Studios will exhibit works of art at The Leela between September 7 and 19, 2022. This exhibition will showcase paintings that have been meticulously created and carefully selected in the past 5-years.

SK Art Studios was founded by an ISB grad who became an artist – Siddhant Khattri. He has created art pieces that will stun you and hold you for hours in front of them. There is some mystery that all his paintings hold with them. The way he has blended details with abstract, and the intensity with which the subjects portray their emotions to you, the infinite shades that mix in the painting is some view you shouldn’t miss.

SK Art Studios has made sure to pull the future of art into the present. During the exhibition at The Leela, there will be discussions on the art industry. You will have NFTs on sale; a hot topic around! In the first week of the exhibition, none other than Karuna Kochar will be there to talk about the book – Siddhant, inspired by the life of Siddhant Khattri and his artworks.

Written by Karuna Kochar, this book won the author the recognition of being one of the top 50 most influential Authors in India in 2021. The story is an emotional journey of a gifted artist Yana discovering the roots of her talent. It leads her to a past that is powerful, mysterious, and gripping to the last page. The book is an unconventional weave of art, science, and spirituality.

This exhibition is about dissolving the spatial and temporal boundaries in the world of art. Many exhibitions, art fairs, and art shows take place across India. However, rarely has any exhibition got ultra-contemporary, realistic charcoal art on display. SK Art Studios’ collection is ultra-contemporary, hyper-realistic, emotional, expressive, and remarkable.

It happens to be the month when big auction houses visit Mumbai. The month when great art will be displayed in a great place – The Leela. The exhibition tickets are available on Book My Show by SK Art Studios. This ticket is not only a key to opening the door to the great exhibition but also an invitation to become a life-long member of SK Art Studios with special privileges that come your way.

Don’t miss it! Book your tickets now;


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