Khaled Sabbagh, The Ace Entrepreneur and e-Commerce Trainer says- “All you need is a laptop and Wifi to Earn”

Khaled Sabbagh The Ace Entrepreneur and e-Commerce Trainer says All you need is a laptop and Wifi to Earn
Khaled Sabbagh

Eng. Khaled Sabbagh, a mechatronics engineer, Certified trainer for digital marketing, e-Commerce, business, marketing and leadership courses fellow of the Arab Trainers Union and CEO for “Sabbagh Group” a Jordanian entrepreneur and the founder of many projects in the field of e-commerce inside Jordan as well and China.

He trained over 1000+ students around the world through online and live courses which held in the headquarter of his company at the business hub king Hussein business park – Amman, Jordan.

Entrepreneur Khaled Sabbagh who hails from Amman, Jordan, tells us that “We provide Digital Marketing, e-Commerce Courses and Consultation where we educate entrepreneurs, business owners, women& youth who are willing to start their own businesses or improve their current business with the latest methods of marketing and e-Commerce industry.” Entrepreneur Khaled Sabbagh began his journey in 2014 during the university study period for mechatronics engineering. He along with his friends established his first business to sell products on the Internet. With time, sales rose very excellently in Jordan and Saudi Arabia, they have sold over 20,000 orders after the first year. After graduating from university, he moved to the city of Guangzhou in China and studied the Chinese language and established a logistics and shipping office to facilitate commercial operations for merchants and for his personal work.

Khaled Sabbagh holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a diploma in the Chinese language and has obtained many certificates and courses in the fields of e-marketing, sales, e-commerce, design, customer behavior etc. He created more than one online store to sell products in addition to helping his students establish more than 100 channels for sales. Khaled’s main mission is to enrich the Arab content in the field of entrepreneurship, support and encourage young people in the Arab world and enable them to open their own projects and be producers, not consumers, which will contribute to accelerating the economic wheel and reducing unemployment rates in our societies. He says that “all you need is a laptop and wifi to skyrocket your career in no time”.

The young marketing guru Khaled Sabbagh have more than 200,000  followers on Instagram and social media platforms, in which he shares his experiences and part of his daily life.


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