Harun Guelen: The Ace Entrepreneur cum Athletic and Fitness Coach

Harun Guelen: The Ace Entrepreneur cum Athletic and Fitness Coach
Harun Guelen

What is sport without coaches? As any great athlete will tell you, it is very important to receive the right kind of mentorship at the right time. Harun Guelen is one such example of an athlete, various sports a genius entrepreneur and a pro fitness freak who has not only mastered his body but also built a brand in the fitness industry by his own name.

Being a pro athlete is not an easy job, but Harun Guelen maintains his body like a boss, effortlessly. That’s what makes him eye-catching and draws people’s attention towards him. He is of those personalities who helps individual players and teams achieve their full potential and thereby improve their performances. Professional sports are highly competitive and in such situations the responsibilities of the coaches like him increases manifold.

Harun Guelen is known for quickly identifying the strengths and weaknesses of his clients and helps them in implementing a suitable training programme to improve their physical and psychological fitness. He plays the role of a mentor as well and encourages and motivates aspiring sportspersons to take up a particular sport.

He has been into this particular industry since long but his daily routines and fitness artifices became visible to the common man only when he started highlighting his activities on social media. Harun is quite active on Instagram where he has more than 22K followers and he keeps them engaged with his unique and jaw dropping posts. His personality as a whole is widely loved by fitness enthusiasts around the world and he became an overnight fitness sensation. Sometimes he shares videos on training, fitness tips, and so on. Besides, Harun is quite a motivational speaker too and is often invited by different organizations for seminars and conferences. He is the most sought after fitness trainer both online and offline. As such, slowly and gradually, Harun established himself as a highly rated influencer and entrepreneur. He hails from Switzerland and is from a middle class family. It was due to his sheer determination hard work and never say die attitude that Harun has reached the pinnacle of his career. Apart from being an Athletic and Fitness Coach, Harun is also a Sports Physiotherapist and often works as a consultant for the Swiss Boxing Amateurs and Professional Boxer

With hundreds of celebrity clients, Harun Guelen is known for absolutely amazing transformation results within short periods. He says, “I know it is hard for people to take action and it may be even harder to stay committed, I am aware of this challenge and I am dedicated to helping people get the motivation to start and stay committed. I have been where they are now, I have walked the path myself. The fact is that it is possible, the change is possible!” According to him, however difficult it may seem, nothing is impossible and wants others to overcome their fears too. He helps the young fitness enthusiasts to establish themselves as pioneer fitness trainers.


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