“क se Kulcha”- Changing The Face Of Street Side Indian Food

“क se Kulcha”- Changing The Face Of Street Side Indian Food
Mr Manas Wadhwa

Born and brought from the streets of Amritsar but rules over the heart of every foodie. Yes, you guessed it right! Made with a melange of exotic species, strong memories and a pinch of nostalgia, bringing to you “क se Kulcha” straight from your favourite streets to DLF Mall of India. Let covid alone create no barriers of hygiene and keep your taste buds aloof from this absolute delicacy. Have it in breakfast or at day end this is one of its kind and a meal in itself. Complete your treat with fresh lemonade or desi lassi, Chhole Kulche are a soulful feast to satiate your cravings.

Hunt for the best amritsari kulchas end here! Bite into varied lip-smacking breads at “क se Kulcha” which will make you leave your calorie counting for a short while at least. Take a stroll around the food court in DLF Mall of India and amidst the hustle bustle you will explore aromas seeping out of our outlet which will make you want to indulge in the taste of Kulchas loaded with butter. When it comes to taste, Kulcha has no match. Bringing the spicy aroma, soft on inside, crisp on outside, the bread is prepared in tandoor with different stuffings. When topped with butter and served with Punjabi chole and chutney, it makes one’s mouth watery.

“क se Kulcha”- Changing The Face Of Street Side Indian Food

The Kulcha and its rich taste will make you drool over this Punjabi meal for sure.
Deliciousness from the streets on a plate, Amritsari Kulchas area a delight for our cravings. “K se Kulcha”, located in DLF Mall of India is undoubtedly the best place to be when desiring a plate of scrumptious, buttery Kulcha. Their tandoor, herbs and spices, including their unique chole masala which is used in the making are specially prepared to provide foodies the soulful taste. The crunchy onion-stuffed Kulchas are served along with chickpeas and tangy chutney to give your taste buds that heavenly taste. And the eatery takes all necessary precautions against covid 19. The owner, Mr Manas Wadhwa who owns “क se Kulcha”, Desi Vibes, Kaffiiaa, Imperial Spice knows the flavours inside out, which makes the Kulchas here no less tasty than those you’ll find in the lanes of Amritsar.


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