Consumer complaint online legal advisory firm plans to reach every corner of the country with affordable consumer rights services

New Delhi: Consumer Complaint Online, an online legal services platform, is aiming to connect 10,000 people per day, making its services accessible to a large demographic. It is an integrated technology-based platform that assists people through its website in getting high-class legal advisory services in a cost-effective manner.

An individual can find hassle-free and reliable legal solutions to any legal problem and deal with all legal processes efficiently using their online platform.

In today’s time, we all buy something either online or offline. Many people face problems with product quality, service issues, and problems with billing and payments. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably had your fair share of bad customer service experiences. Whether it’s being put on hold for hours or being treated rudely by a customer service representative, it can be frustrating and even angering. Most of the time we even don’t know what to do and where to complain about this.

In recent times, especially post-Corona, India has seen an increase in the number of consumer complaints. The need to form consumer complaints online arises as a result of consumer dissatisfaction as more and more bad practices were perpetrated by businesses post corona. Now, it’s the responsibility of all of us to raise a voice against any anti-consumer activity. We at consumer complaints online are committed to supporting, guiding, and advising on raising your voice against unfair practices.

Sharing the vision of Consumer Complaints Online, founder (Mahesh Bisht) said “In a developing country like India, where a large chunk of the population is unaware of their legal rights, suffer the most when they seek justice as a result, hassle-free, speedy, and equal justice remain unattainable. Even educated people find it difficult to understand the information given online due to a lack of knowledge of legal terms and the legal system. We at Consumer Complaints Online are dedicated to providing affordable legal aid and ensuring the process of looking for legal help is much simpler and easily accessible.” is a leading digital platform and adviser in India for resolving all types of consumer complaints. Consumer complaints online basically focused on fighting online fraud and providing professional services for business compliance. is one of India’s leading online companies and within a short period of time, it grabbed customers’ hearts. Consumer complaints online basically deal with Unfair Trade practices, Defective or Spurious Goods Complaints, E-Commerce Complaints, Mis-Leading Consumer Complaints, Personal data leaking Complaints, Delay in response complaints, Insurance Claim Complaints, Amount Refund Complaints, Cyber Fraud Complaints, Education Complaints, Complaints Against Banks.

Visit- and register your complaints along with company details and related documents. The company will fight for your rights and support customers to get their claims.


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