With a mission in fitness and health, Chakra helps to provide Indians with a unique spinning experience

Bengaluru, Karnataka [India]: One of the most popular cardio work-outs in North America, Latin America, Europe and other parts of Asia, rhythm-based spinning is nothing short of a complete workout for the body. It keeps you energised through the day and keeps the mind focussed. All you have to do is ride a bike!

Chakra, inspired by the Hindi word for “wheel” and the seven energy centers in the human body, brings that holistic experience to Bengaluru, for the first time in India. It offers an exclusive setting that is dedicated to your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Built on the philosophy of unity and equality, Chakra employs exceptional trainers, all of whom work as a team, encouraging all participating riders to become a better version of themselves.

But first, what is rhythm riding? It’s nothing but riding a stationary bicycle to a changing musical beat. When done in a secure environment, under proper guidance, it can yield exceptional results.

Chakra is a customised 45-minute cardio and strength building session. When you ride in higher gears, you’re working on strength, building and shaping your glutes, quads and hamstrings. When you’re riding at lower gears, you’re working on increasing stamina and shedding fat. Each class also has a dedicated dumbbells track, where the focus is on chiselling your upper body (biceps, triceps, pecs, delts, and traps). And don’t forget those abs! Your core is constantly engaged throughout each class, which of course helps define your abdominal muscles. Most importantly though, the energy generated in the room is contagious and long-lasting. Riders are encouraged to flex their mental muscles and dedicate their 45-minute spin session to themselves, empowering them to take on the world outside the Chakra studio.

The studio in itself attracts ample sunshine and positivity. The 3,700sqft space has a vertical garden for that extra touch of green and a lovely outdoor lounge for riders to get together after a spinning session. The design is chic, with a touch of art on the wall – a beautiful bicycle adorned in a traditional Indian design – a state-of-the-art workout area, and beautiful washrooms equipped with showers and the latest gadgets. Top that off with an energy that truly becomes addictive and you might find it difficult to leave the space.

The people behind Chakra

Prior to Chakra, Nastassja Suri (26) studied finance and entrepreneurship at Babson College in Boston and then joined State Street through their Professional Development Program. She worked there for a year before moving to Hyderabad to help set up their Indian offices. Nikhil (23) on the other hand, studied global business management at Suffolk. Ask them why Chakra and they both have the same answer, “We truly believe that rhythm-based cycling can be a life-changing experience.” Both visualise Chakra as being a constant in their riders’ lives – a part of their weekly, if not daily, routines. Their goal is to have studios across India and to spread the positive energy that we already witness in their studio.

Apart from spinning, the siblings love to ride horses and play tennis. Born in Bengaluru, the two spent six years of their early lives in California before moving to Singapore, which is where they spent the majority of their childhoods. And now they’re back home to share their passion for a better life, one pedal at a time.


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