What is the importance of self-directed learning to boost self-confidence? 

Kolkata, West Bengal : Shreya, an entrepreneur from Kolkata since her college days, believes that education and learning is a continuous lifelong process. She is highly ambitious and strives to curate proficiency by staying updated and never scares to ask a question, offers her guidance, and is eager to accept feedback. With her skills, quick decision-making ability, and vision of statement-making she is now one of the successful entrepreneurs of Kolkata.

Her entrepreneurial expedition began right after completing college in 2017 with her business partner and friends. Initially, without job experience, she made a lot of mistakes and learned from them. She is now running four businesses – 2 digital marketing agencies, a fashion brand, and a cloud kitchen. Her self-directed learning has shown significant growth.

As Shreya Says: “It’s not that I know more than you, I just use Google better than you. I am open to learning new kinds of stuffs. You cannot achieve anything all of sudden if you want to taste success you have to think creatively, and out of the box. A successful entrepreneur always chases behind innovative ideas and avoid committing grave mistakes. You cannot be consistent; you have to look for new challenges and have to defeat them to be successful. I have got a great team who is very passionate about work and great problem solver.”

To be successful, you need to efficiently communicate with yourself, understand your importance, know your weakness and work smart to taste success. Self-directed learning is something you learn by yourself – either from your mistakes or from browsing the internet.

So, how to improve your self-learning skills? 

Self-curiosity is the key to improve and brush up your self-learning skills. Gradually, when you start to inquire or question-why, how, when, on some topic, you are widening your knowledge, empowering yourself which will convert you into a creative thinker.

Stop procrastinating! Adjustments and alterations are the law of life. To grab all the opportunities for growth and success, you have to come out of your comfort shell and adapt yourself to change. Embracing challenges and working towards them is the best way of self-directed learning.

Suggestions By Shreya on how to develop Self-Learning during this quarantine: 

Learning has no age; do it for your good. During such a pandemic, how can we enhance our learning process? See below, to know more.

  1. Online Courses: E-Learning platforms such as Udemy, and Skillshare provide the best online course for learning marketing, content writing, entrepreneurship, painting, branding, and a lot more at a reasonable price. Upgrade and then learn to bring the change.
  2. Concentrate on your skills: Put all your fears, shortcomings, and negative thoughts into a box and work hard to chase your dreams. Set your goals, keep your standard high, work on your core skills, invest time in yourself – you will surely empower yourself.
  3. Learning from anything and everything: Study, learn, and improve your boundaries from anywhere to anything. Stay home, stay safe!
  4. Reading Books: Books are the best and wise guru to guide you. Fooled by Randomness by Nassam Nicholas Taleb is the best piece to enlighten yourself in this quarantine.
  5. Working on self-confidence and personality: Once you start working and investing time in yourself – like taking care of yourself, upgrading your knowledge that will eventually boost your confidence.
  6. Emotional Intelligence: With success, EI has become very important to relieve stress and lead a happy life. Empathy is necessary to provide emotional space for others and build a strong relationship. Practice it more!

Self Learning is one of the significant ways of learning. If you are passionate and want to upgrade yourself with time, in this quarantine, then start using the internet to gather information, start evaluating and help yourself and others to grow.

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