TripZilla Sets Foot in India: A New Chapter On Insightful Travel Content and Local Stories Ensues

Exciting news for globetrotting Indians! TripZilla, a prominent travel media platform from Southeast Asia, has officially landed on Indian shores. Known for appealing to discerning tourists with their personalised travel plans, the Singapore-born travel brand embarks on a new journey dedicated to showcasing the vibrant tapestry of Indian travel worldwide.

Focus on Indian Travellers

India, known for its diverse culture and topography, has long captivated the imagination of travellers. TripZilla India now aims to go beyond the usual tourist trails, delving deeper into the heart of this incredible land.

Since the country is seeing a surge in digital-savvy travellers thirsty for immersive journeys and local experiences, Tripzilla has decided to enter the scene with its host of offers, connecting travellers with the soul of each destination.

“Entering India is a pivotal moment for us,” says the Winnie Tan, CEO at TripZilla India. “We’ve honed our expertise in Southeast Asia, and now we’re excited to translate that knowledge to meet the needs of the discerning Indian traveller. We see ourselves not just as guides, but as storytellers, weaving tales of India that inspire and connect.”

Perks of Using Tripzilla

Prajval G, heading the Bengaluru office in India, affirms that the company caters to their distinct traveller by offering a treasure trove of resources:

  • Expert travel guides and tips: From deciphering hidden culinary delights to planning adventures in lesser-known parts of the country, travel experts design every journey precisely.
  • User-friendly website: Tripzilla India offers a wide range of services, like updating its customers with regular advisories and recommendations, informing clients about local customs, and creating a safe community where travellers can share their experiences.
  • Championing responsible tourism: Sustainability is woven into the very fabric of TripZilla India. Their content encourages responsible tourism, urging travellers to tread lightly and respect local communities and ecosystems.

This launch isn’t just about expanding horizons and forging deeper connections. TripZilla India aspires to be a bridge between cultures, fostering understanding and appreciation through authentic travel experiences.

About TripZilla:

TripZilla is a leading online travel media platform and community in South East Asia. Founded in Singapore, they inspire travellers with engaging content, expert tips, and immersive experiences, empowering them to explore the world beyond the beaten path. With their launch in India, TripZilla is set to rewrite the travel narrative, one authentic experience at a time.


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