Trends of loose diamond industry in India

Trends of loose diamond industry in India
Roshan Sanghavi, Director of Sanghvi & Sons

For almost centuries, diamonds have been widely known as the universal symbol of eternal love and commitment. Made to be worn and cherished for years to come, a diamond gift is weighted in meaning and forever represents the special moment or occasion behind it. As women have become more independent, self-purchase is also on the rise. Every piece of jewellery that a woman self-gifts tells a personal story or a milestone.

The recent research has shown that there is increasing demand for natural, rare, beautiful and responsibly sourced loose diamonds. The loose diamond industry expects to see significant rebound in diamond consumption that is connected to what diamond jewellery means to the Indian consumer. With increasing trend of rough and polish diamonds, overall the prices have increased by around 20%. The loose diamond industry is all set for a great future. Consumers would continue to spend on valuable products that convey a strong emotional bonding, The industry witnessed a huge response post the second wave and is looking forward to progressive growth in 2022-23.

Popular Diamond Shape

The biggest bridal trends for today’s engagement rings have seen an influx in demand for Round Oval radiant emerald shape diamonds and Radiant-cut diamonds. Following the popularity of the oval cut, other fancy shaped diamonds are now following suit. A more unique shape with all of the fire and brilliance of traditional round diamond, oval diamond engagement rings are anticipated to continue to top the bridal trends this year.

Price vary as per shapes

When it comes to pricing, not all diamond shapes are equal. For the most part, shapes that use less of the rough diamond, such as the round brilliant cut, cost more per carat than shapes such  as the emerald, princess and radiant cuts. This means that if you’re more interested in the size of your engagement ring’s diamond than its shape, you’ll get better value for money by choosing a fancy shape over a round diamond.

People prefer only Natural Diamond on synthetic one

When you buy a natural diamond, you are purchasing something that will retain value over time. That’s not so with lab-grown diamonds.

Another big reason to think twice before purchasing a lab-grown diamond for your proposal: many women just don’t want them. Nationwide surveys show that the vast majority of women still want natural diamonds.

The final reason to rethink lab-grown diamonds is that they aren’t as good for the environment as they are made out to be.

The biggest rationale many people have for choosing manmade diamonds is that they believe they are better for the environment

Take on Cultured diamond Industry

There has been much concern about synthetic diamonds threatening the diamond industry. The arrival of synthetic diamonds is indeed a game changer, as they have been negatively proven by diamond-grading laboratories to be physically and chemically distinguishable from real diamonds, but cost around 15% less. Previously, the technology for producing synthetic diamonds was limited to manufacturing only yellow and other coloured diamonds.  As technology to produce synthetic diamonds downgraded the progresses, rules and screening devices were being put in place to sieve out the synthetics. Yet fears remain as to whether they will disrupt the diamond industry.

Synthetic Diamonds raise Concerns as the fear is very much that people will not value a synthetic diamond as much as the real thing – they know that synthetic diamonds are a cry from natural diamonds in terms of emotional resonance with consumers. This is the concern that synthetic diamonds priced lower could cause the average unacquainted consumer to price-adjust. This would thereby lower price expectations across synthetic diamonds,  Going down this path, diamond producers worry that margins from lab diamonds could be eaten into, and that lab diamonds may lose their luxury feel due to their cheaper “peers”.

Shape of the year

Bursting with brilliance and fire, an Oval Cut Diamond is exquisite and unique. The Oval is considered a “fancy” shape; the elongated design makes it appear larger than other shapes of the same carat weight. The slender body of the oval diamond creates a beautiful, elongated look. It often makes the hand and fingers appear slimmer. The diamond’s shape has no sharp corners, so it’s less prone to chipping.


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