Transforming Challenges into Opportunities, United Pest Management Excels in Eco-Friendly Services in Kolkata

Kolkata (West Bengal), [India], June 07, 2024: In 1988 Sri Pradip Mullick established United Pest Killer, which later became United Pest Management (UPM). The brand has established itself as a leader in providing eco-friendly pest control solutions in Kolkata. Initially, the company name was United Pest Killer later it changed to United Pest Management under the same team. Later, his brother Sri Ranjit Mullick joined the company. The company saw rapid expansion in the early 90s, motivated by the entrepreneurial spirit of Late Sri SK Roy, MD of the Peerless Group at that time. When there was an entrepreneurial crisis going on during those days, Mr. Roy became the guide for the company and helped to establish it this big.

The actual transformation occurred in 2019 when Parijat Mullick and his wife Chaitali Mullick, took the helm during a challenging period of zero client retention and a lack of resources. Their tenacity was important as they rebuilt the company from the ground up. The COVID-19 pandemic presented unforeseen obstacles, halting operations completely. In response, UPM adapted swiftly, with Parijat personally leading his team to deliver authentic sanitisation services to a variety of clients, thereby ensuring the safety of both the community and their clientele during critical times.

Today, UPM is utilising the latest in technology and sustainable practices. The key points include:

  • Personalised Services: Catering solutions to individual client needs ensure effective pest control.
  • Timely After-Sales Service: UPM guarantees prompt follow-up services, reinforcing client satisfaction.
  • Guaranteed Results: Each service is backed by a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring effective pest management solutions.
  • Eco-Friendly Chemicals: All products used are non-toxic, odourless, and designed to be safe for human health, focusing on environmental sustainability.

UPM remains dedicated to advancing pest control services while prioritising the health of its clients and the environment, making it the most trusted provider in the region.

About United Pest Management:

United Pest Management has been at the forefront of delivering eco-conscious pest control solutions since 1988. With a commitment to safety and effectiveness, UPM continues to serve as the industry benchmark for environmentally responsible practices.


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