The journey of a hacker to being an efficacious entrepreneur – Nanda Paresh

The journey of a hacker to being an efficacious entrepreneur - Nanda Paresh

Attention all readers, you guys must have listened to many stories about several politicians, businessmen, and star celebrities that how they became famous but today we are going to introduce you to an IT professional turned hacker who later became an entrepreneur to achieve his dreams.

We are dam sure that you all must be thinking about who is that person who became hacker after having a background in IT-profession and later became a businessman. So now without wasting much of your time we should reveal the curtains from suspense.

As we all know that our dreams can only come true if we have the valor to achieve them. So to grab these dreams we do attempts and sometimes we succeeded and many times we suffer failure too.

Now, today we will tell you about one such personality who not only follows his dreams but also inspired us to look after him. His name is Paresh Nanda who completed his BSc-IT graduate to achieve his dreams by working day and night.

Paresh’s journey was full of obstacles and difficulties as the profession he has chosen to chase his dream was very difficult because he was not having a strong financial background as he hails from a very common family.

All though Paresh was a BSc-IT graduate but you guys will be surprised to know that once he had to stop his study due to some financial crunch in his family. As we all know that “hard times never last long if someone could go ahead in life “, the same thing happened with Paresh somehow he managed to complete his graduation, and that too after 8 years.

To chase his dreams, he has started working at a very young age to fulfill his basic requirements not only financial but also to support his family member. But who knows that destiny was taking a test of Paresh as many times his health also created trouble for him but he did not gave-up.

Paresh chose to become a statistic as he adores the way an Analyst works after completing his graduation. He then joined a company and started learning everything about the profession. This young guy learned SEO content and got specialized in it.

Read the story of a simple IT graduate who became a hacker to turn into an entrepreneur:

He once again took a giant step forward in his career starting up his own Digital Marketing firm based in Mumbai instead of working for any private companies. Here God had planned something different for him as his hard work and dedication paid off him well. Although, Paresh was not satisfied with what he achieved as he had always planned more to have a remarkable career which he was not seen till that time.

One day all of sudden, he saw news of Radhe Maa’s trending on Google. To take benefit to this opportunity, Paresh came up with the idea of making an android app of Radhe Maa to help her followers know about her. He started working on it that took him one step ahead towards his dream by utilizing his knowledge. Paresh also started developing pages on Facebook and now he handles nearly more than 300+ pages.

Paresh has also developed an app for the ‘Bhanushali Community’. The app helps the community to get all forms of help. May the help be financial, materialistic, or even emotional, the app stands for all. Hence, the app is his contribution to society and his community. For instance, if an individual has a good and not-much used pair of suits or blazers, he can give it to the one who needs it urgently. The app helps to provide materialistic help to the people who need it. The app is also helpful to provide financial help in the form of a loan to the community. Paresh Nanda has also acquired patents for two of his IT project ideas which in itself is a huge accomplishment.

One day Paresh’s life took a surprising twist as while he was surfing on Internet he came to know about the art of hacking which overwhelmed him a lot. As he could not stop himself from falling for it, he quickly started learning it, and using his skills he somehow managed to hack the Google AdSense. Google AdSense is a program that allows publishing advertisements on google. Now, logging on in Google AdSense is a robotic process that cannot be hacked but as he believes in possibilities he achieved his aim.

Paresh didn’t stop himself and focused on another task. After hacking Google AdSense he hacked LinkedIn and by hacking this professional networking site he can now increase connections in the profile. The thing that amazed him is that the connections are not added in the profile but connections get increased.

He had a deep interest in Media where they use many strategies to boost the industry. So moving forward he studied the media and now he can grow the industry through his research.

Till now, around 1700 Cr. business is generated in Audio, Entertainment and Production Industry wherein he can boost and grow the industry by 7000 Cr using my strategies and research.

 Besides this, he has also involved himself in some social work. Now, as we all know that an Ambulance still use to take too much time to reach the hospital on time. So, keeping this in mind he decided to run an ambulance digitally as our country is getting digitalized. Booking an ambulance is just easy as hiring OLA or UBER cabs where everyone eases in reaching a hospital using the same technology.

So, at-last we can take a nice example from Paresh and learn some lessons from him that how one can become a smart personality from a simple common man.

You can contact Mr. Paresh Nanda for professional concerns on the contact numbers mentioned below:

+919870765602, +919870322485






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