StayHappi Generic range of medicines at par in quality with any other best-selling market drug brand

New Delhi [India]: StayHappi Generic range of medicines is equivalent to branded medicines. They rank high in quality and efficacy with any other best-selling market drug/ brand, available at a relatively lower MRP’s, and are manufactured at WHO GMP certified plants of Akums Drugs and Pharmaceuticals. This wide range of medicines is cost-effective helps consumers save on their monthly medicine budget.

Arushi Jain, Executive Director of StayHappi Pharmacy says, “StayHappi generic medications have gone through testing on many grounds encompassing quality, strength, purity, and potency to show effectiveness before being approved by a list of regulating authorities. We are spread across the nation with several StayHappi pharmacies stationed at different locations, pacing faster towards the goal of scaling up to 15,000 retail pharmacy stores.”

StayHappi products are approved by regulating authorities like the US FDA, WHO GMP, USNSF, NABL, PICS, ISO 9001-2008, and ISO 14001-2015 and are bioequivalent to the brand versions. It has over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry from manufacturing, supply chain, distribution, and marketing. StayHappi Stores dispenses medicines ranging from Allopathic, Ayurvedic or Herbal & Nutraceuticals, OTC or Consumables, and Cosmetics, Cough & Cold Preparations, Pediatrics, Anti-Hypertensive, Pain Management, Pre & Probiotics, Anti-amoebic, Geriatric Care, Dermatological, CVS & Dyslipidaemia, Respiratory, Ophthalmic, Hormones Gastrointestinal Tract (GIT), Antiepileptic, CNS, Urological, Anti-diabetics, Antipyretics, Gynecology, and Sedatives.

StayHappi also operates its E-Pharmacy store reaching every nook & corner of the country making their dream “Health for all’ a reality.

StayHappi Pharmacy is an initiative of SarvaGunAushdhi Private Limited that has been incepted with a firm belief to serve humanity by providing High-Quality Medicines at a ‘Real and Affordable’ price.  It provides medicines with their molecule name and not by the brand name, where patients will have the power to choose the right medicine and make a smart choice. With StayHappi Pharmacy, patients have the power to choose quality generics medicines across all therapeutic segments at prices that are 30%-90% less than the commonly retailed price of the same medicine in India. To cite an example- “A diabetic patient, who consumes Glimepiride 2mg every day will save around 90% on his monthly medical expenditure by purchasing an annual supply at INR 216 from StayHappi Pharmacy against an average retail price of INR 2190 from other brands in the market.”

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