SNOW GLOBAL BUSINESS COMMUNITY: A Thriving Global Business Community Led by Founder Deepak Toshniwal

Discover How SNOW GLOBAL BUSINESS COMMUNITY, Global Networking & Collaboration Platform and Deepak Toshniwal Lead the Way in Collaborative Success

In a world where Networking and collaboration are becoming the cornerstones of success, the SNOW GLOBAL BUSINESS COMMUNITY shines as a lighthouse of entrepreneurial synergy. With over 2000 members spanning 22 countries and a diverse array of businesses, SNOW GLOBAL BUSINESS COMMUNITY is not just a community; it’s a movement. Founded by the visionary global business consultant and social activist Deepak Toshniwal, SNOW GLOBAL BUSINESS COMMUNITY is making waves in the business world.

Deepak Toshniwal, the founder of SNOW GLOBAL BUSINESS COMMUNITY, is not just a seasoned pharmaceutical professional with 29 years of experience; he’s also a motivational speaker, author, and social activist. As a member of Rotary International for 14 years, he has spearheaded numerous projects, including water conservation, health and hygiene initiatives, literacy campaigns, and blood donation camps.

SNOW GLOBAL BUSINESS COMMUNITY is more than just a business community; it’s a philosophy. With a vision to create 25 million collaborations globally, it firmly believes that the future belongs to collaboration, not competition. This innovative platform connects like-minded business owners from around the globe, fostering an environment where personal growth, knowledge sharing, and mentorship are the norm.

Members of the SNOW GLOBAL BUSINESS COMMUNITY benefit from mentorship and guidance, as the platform includes seasoned mentors who provide valuable advice and guidance, helping members navigate their career or personal development. Access to resources is a key feature, as SNOW GLOBAL BUSINESS COMMUNITY connects members with specialized knowledge, tools, and even funding for projects through its extensive network. Being part of this network increases visibility within industries and communities, leading to recognition and opportunities for advancement.

SNOW GLOBAL BUSINESS COMMUNITY’s is the world’s first ever Global Networking platform, which helps in the promotion and marketing of there products and services on their own marketplace but also generates LEADS for there members

That sounds like a fantastic initiative! A global networking platform like SNOW Global Business Community could provide immense value to its members by offering a platform for promotions, marketing, and lead generation. This kind of community can be incredibly beneficial for businesses looking to expand their reach and connect with potential customers around the world.

By creating a dedicated marketplace for its members, SNOW Global Business Community provides a centralized hub for showcasing products and services. This can lead to increased visibility and potentially more sales for participating businesses. Additionally, the lead generation aspect is crucial, as it can help businesses find new prospects and opportunities for growth.

Networking platforms like this have the potential to facilitate collaborations, partnerships, and knowledge-sharing among members, which can be invaluable for business growth. It’s essential for such a platform to have effective tools for communication, collaboration, and possibly even features like analytics to track the performance of promotions and marketing efforts.

If executed well, SNOW Global Business Community could have a significant positive impact on the businesses and entrepreneurs involved, potentially helping them expand their global presence and reach new heights of success.

SNOW has a unique approach including the concept of “Igloos” to cater to different needs. These Igloos come in various forms, including City Igloo (online and in-person networking opportunities), Pan India Igloo (online networking spanning the entire Indian subcontinent), International Igloo (online networking for global outreach), Snow One Igloo (Pune), Snow Shine Igloo (Pan India), Snow Castle Igloo (Pan India), Snow Vibrant Igloo (Mumbai), and Snow Nivia Igloo (Pune).

SNOW GLOBAL BUSINESS COMMUNITY is committed to nurturing the next generation. Snow Youth serves as a bridge between youth and the future, offering mentoring, hand-holding, internship opportunities, job placements, incubation facilities, and funding for innovative ideas.

Deepak’s relentless dedication has earned him prestigious awards and recognition, including the Guinness World Record for the maximum number of organ donation pledges, the Indian Prime Icon Award, and the Times of India Entrepreneur of the Year.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Deepak Toshniwal’s social work has been exemplary. He has organized blood donation camps, and he himself has  donated 74 times. He also initiated the Health Task Force in Pune, saving countless lives.

Deepak Toshniwal’s commitment to both business and social causes serves as an inspiration to us all. SNOW GLOBAL BUSINESS COMMUNITY, under his visionary leadership, is poised to revolutionize the way businesses collaborate and succeed in today’s interconnected world

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In a world emphasizing collaboration over competition, SNOW GLOBAL BUSINESS COMMUNITY is a thriving global business community founded by Deepak Toshniwal, a visionary global business consultant and social activist. With over 2000 members spanning 22 countries, this community aims to create 25 million global collaborations, fostering personal growth, knowledge sharing, mentorship, and increased visibility.


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