Shining sisters of Surat city

Shining sisters of Surat city

Surat, (Gujarat) [India]: Saloni Totla and Pratika Dhingra, pioneers in the field of early childhood education, are making remarkable strides with their innovative venture, Toddle Trunk. Their groundbreaking approach is transforming learning techniques for infants and toddlers, unlocking their subconscious genius through holistic development.

At Toddle Trunk Activity Centre, children as young as six months old are provided with a nurturing environment dedicated to fostering cognitive, physical, and social skills. Placing emphasis on the learning process rather than the end product, the centre offers a diverse range of activities tailored to each child’s unique pace and style of learning.

Driven by the belief that young children flourish in a creative play environment, Saloni Totla and Pratika Dhingra have integrated a hands-on curriculum and structured activities at Toddle Trunk. By doing so, they promote the development of cognitive, motor, and social skills, providing preschool education that cultivates essential life skills and mental growth.

Toddle Trunk places sensory, cognitive, tactile, and motor development at the forefront. The centre employs scientific subconscious development techniques to awaken the hidden potential within each child. Incorporating methods such as Jolly Phonics, audio-eye coordination through sound books, and speech clearance via listening to learn, Toddle Trunk ensures a comprehensive learning experience. Additionally, the focus on creating photogenic memory enhances children’s information retention.

With two distinct formats for experiential learning, Toddle Trunk offers the Toddle Trunk Pre-School and Toddle Trunk Activity Centre. The Pre-School curriculum combines play and structured activities, fostering cognitive, motor, and social skills development through field trips, role plays, and Montessori learning. On the other hand, the Activity Centre caters to children from six months of age, nurturing their holistic development and allowing them to learn and grow based on their unique abilities.

Saloni Totla and Pratika Dhingra’s unwavering dedication to revolutionizing early childhood education and nurturing young minds through Toddle Trunk has established them as trailblazers in the field. Their visionary approach and commitment to providing a nurturing and stimulating learning environment are shaping the future of early education.

About Toddle Trunk:

Toddle Trunk is an innovative firm that is revolutionizing early childhood education. Through its Activity Centre and Pre-School, Toddle Trunk offers a holistic approach to learning, fostering children’s cognitive, physical, and social skills. With a strong emphasis on hands-on experiences and individualized learning, Toddle Trunk is revolutionizing early education and unlocking the true potential of children.


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