Sensidew: A nourishing cleanser that protects the largest protective layer of the body i.e. SKIN!

Sensidew: A nourishing cleanser that protects the largest protective layer of the body i.e. SKIN!

Tired of finding the product that satisfies your skin care needs? Still searching for the best product to match your hair care requirements? Well, your search stops here. 

Sensidew brings at your service dermatologist-approved skin and hair care products that are cruelty free, lacks irritancy and is never tested on animals. 

Madura Joshi – The co-founder, stated that the entire range of Sensidew soaps are Grade 1 moisturising soaps which means the TFM (Total fatty matter) is above 75%. It boosts NMF (Natural moisturising factor) that occurs naturally in our skin which traps moisture from the atmosphere and keeps the skin hydrated. 

“All our products are adjuvant to drug therapy,” she said. 

Why pick your product from Sensidew? 

Check out why there are more than one reasons to choose your products from Sensidew. 

  • Sensidew adheres to the Natural Moisturising Factor to keep your texture beautiful and hydrated. Made with the enriching extracts of plants, oils, butter and botanical leaves, the non organic elements are safe for your skin that gives it a healthy glow. 
  • Because they stick to scientific methods, the NMFs are balanced and don’t block your skin pores. Doctors have recommended these products. 
  • The results speak for themselves! Sensidew has served more than 5 lakhs of happy customers who saw wonderful results using these products. A survey states, more than 90% of the customers are willing to recommend the brand to their friends and colleagues. 

A big bonus? These products come at pocket friendly costs. 

Here’s the exclusive range to choose from:

1: Scalp Revitalizing Shampoo

Suitable for all scalp types: dry, oily or normal, this shampoo takes care of extensive hair fall. It nourishes your scalp and keeps it moisturized. 

2: Moisturizing Soap 

Ideal for dry, normal and sensitive skin type, the moisturizing soap takes care of itching, redness, wrinkles, premature aging and rough texture. Not only it helps to revive the lost moisture in your skin but the non allergenic formula is beneficial to protect it from U.V. radiation. 

3: Baby Shampoo

Gone are the days to worry about natural hair growth of your newborn. Sensidew baby shampoo serves the perfect solution as it ensures smooth growth and lasting effect with zero scalp irritation. 

No time to grief over skin issues and damaged scalp. Pick your product today from Sensidew and see the results happening! 



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