Sarafa Bazar India: Digitizing the Indian Jewellery Market

Sarafa Bazar India : Digitizing the Indian Jewellery Market
Archit Jain

Sarafa Bazar is a B2B online platform for passionate manufacturers, wholesalers, traders and retailers to come along and network together. It is giving an opportunity to each and everyone in the industry to contribute towards business growth. Sarafa Bazar India is B2B gems and jewellery business online marketing and networking portal.

Sarafa Bazar works with a vision that if anyone wants to search a manufacturer/wholesaler/dealer related to jewellery industry, they can simply login to Sarafa Bazar. Here you can find manufacturers and wholesalers of all kind of gems and jewellery. Here people can also search for jewellery related machines, display and packaging, storage & security, educational institutes etc. Sarafa Bazar aim at revolutionizing the B2B Gems & Jeweler Market. SARAFA BAZAR is an online platform that has revolutionized the traditional mode of Jewellery Marketing.

Sarafa Bazar India showcase the products to the jeweler, retailers and wholesalers across india, provides a digital marketing platform to attract potential customers, generate leads and sales.

The process for becoming official Sarafa Bazar Premium seller is very simple, just fill up the form and pay membership fee, thereby get listed on the official portal and get access to dedicated admin portal to manage product at ease and gets leads and inquiries from the jewellers that visit the platform. Till now Premium members has done a business of 75+ cr collectively.

Sarafa Bazar India was started at the onset of pandemic with Archit Jain’s vision to help jewelers across India not just retain their business but also expand across India. In May 2020 Archit Jain launched a web portal and mobile app named SARAFA BAZAR INDIA, with a vision to connect manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers on a single platform. He wanted to change the whole experience of B2B Jewellery marketing while boosting the morale of this sector in these critical times. Jewellery manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers are welcoming this digital solution and are breathing a sigh of relief on the transition of Jewellery marketing experience. Since its launch, SARAFA BAZAR has grown into a community of 50000+ website users and 8000+ app installers.

Archit Jain is the third generation jeweller in his family with over 80 years of legacy of trust. With strong foundation at grassroot level he envisaged the shift of orthodox jewellery industry on digital medium through Sarafa Bazar India platform. With past experience of working in B2B jewellery business and other online start-ups, he wishes Sarafa Bazar India to connect jewellers across India and provide a network for great business opportunities.


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