Renowned Hollywood Manager and Film Producer Orlando John is all set and ready with his first of a kind cryptocurrency documentary “Coins”

Renowned Hollywood Manager and Film Producer Orlando John is all set and ready with his first of a kind cryptocurrency documentary “Coins”

Taking the world of entertainment to next level is Orlando John and his company which has been a hub and house for recognizing and representing leading talent.

One of the most fascinating industries across many diverse sectors and fields has been the entertainment industry. Enthralling millions of people across the globe, cinema, films, and music have been those strong pillars that has given number of countless moments of cherishing life, love, and happiness. Spreading umpteen number of priceless moments that one could enjoy with family and friends; the entertainment industry at large has been at the forefront of many dynamic changes and digital transformation. Many latest advents and advancements within the entertainment niche has found great ways of further spreading sheer joy and happiness for audiences. Many professionals too have found growth and momentum with the rise of the sector enabling it to create many work and livelihood opportunities. We came across one such experienced and established name within the Hollywood circle, Orlando John who has taken the entertainment industry of the world by storm.

Orlando John is an passionate and driven professional from the entertainment space whose has proved his prowess as an ace manager and producer for the past 25 years. His work ethos and professionalism has been appreciated by many industry peers as well. Being a prominent name within music representation Orlando took on Hollywood 9 years ago. Orlando has worked with and managed some of the top Hollywood stars and musicians like Joel Kinnaman, Rick Yune, Robert Davi, Kelly Gale, Julio Iglesias, Cleo Kinnaman, Wyclef Jean, Felipe Gabriel and Filatov&Karasto name a few. Working diligently hard and been passionate about his work, there hasn’t been a single day in Orlando’s life where he hasn’t loved his job. With an objective of reaching every nook and corner of the world for recognizing many talents, Orlando launched his firm named Orlando John Ltd where he serves as the CEO of the company. The company started its operationsin the year of 1997 from a small city in Sweden. Today, Orlando is proud of the fact that they have provided many opportunities to young talent, recognized and motivated them to make it big in the entertainment industry. They now have their robust presence in more than 100 countries with offices in Stockholm, Riga and Bangkok. The firm also helps in acquiring talent for many events in form of concerts, corporate events and private events etc.

Speaking about his latest project which Orlando has been working for some time now has been the first of its kind cryptocurrency documentary called “Coins” that was co-produced with Mousebelt. The Coins project started out as a podcast which eventually turned into a documentary with some of the leading profiles in cryptocurrency.COINS is the first ever production to tell the full story of cryptocurrency from its early beginnings to today. This series shows it all, the scams, the drugs, the hacks, the billionaires and the bankrupt.

In the current golden era of digitalization, Orlando John feels that this documentary will broaden many insights for people who still feel that Crypto is not a future technology. With Digital Finance and other blockchain technologies gaining momentum, this documentary can help resolve many doubts and questions in people’s mind and also allow them to welcome this new technology. Orlando John also mentioned a Season 2 is in the works.

Don’t miss out to catch all episodes of Coins on YouTube. Episode 1 here: 


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