“Reflection: A collection of short stories” A roller coaster ride towards history and Sci-fi fiction

Poland: The book “Reflection: A collection of short stories” is an amazing book contains six stories. Stories that take you on a mysterious journey to Mars and a planet inhabited by descendants of humans and aliens. A book describing Europe during an epidemic, with an all-powerful European Security Service keeping the peace. Tales of an investigation into a suspicious death on an orbital platform, a daring action by Polish forces in Iraq and the Last Hero of the Kingdom. The “Reflection” and “Ares Mission” stories were recognised at the 1st and 2nd Clarke-Bradbury International Science Fiction Competition and published in English as part of collections of prize-winning works.

About the Author

Adam Ostaszewski is a lawyer by profession who lives in Poland. He is an author of novels and short stories. He is also a fan of historical, science fiction and political fiction literature. Reflection is his publishing debut.


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