Raw Ath Lean launching one-of-a-kind organic fitness studio in South Mumbai

Raw Ath Lean launching one-of-a-kind organic fitness studio in South Mumbai

Raw Ath Lean is a state-of-the-art fitness studio in South Mumbai. The one key feature of the fitness studio is that it promotes plant-based protein-rich diets to enrich our core strengths, contrary to protein supplements which have little effect on body performance.

Capt. Kawaldeep Singh Chandhok, founder of Raw Ath Lean. His motivation to start this organic training and lifestyle movement came from his years of athletics training he got from his head coach late Madhukar Darekar, 9-times national winner. 14 years of athletics training in a traditional style which dated back from the 1930s inspired Kawaldeep to carry forward the tradition.

After having a successful career as a Senior Airline Pilot and being a national-level athlete, Kawaldeep was always passionate about fitness and wanted to start his fitness arena. Each body has a different capacity to exercise, the core concept of Raw Ath Lean is to build personalized gender-specific training. Along with the boutique fitness studio, they can also provide professional kits anywhere in India and train their clients online.

Raw Ath Lean conducts periodized training for men, giving V-taper with abs and women-specific training for not only weight loss, but also for strengthening the core muscles. Additionally, there are ‘Train to heal’ fitness programs to cure chronic diseases.

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, our behavior has become sedentary because of prolonged sitting. Raw Ath Lean have a team of professional trainers who are also national-level athletes trained in Olympic-based sports. They provide 156 online sessions for those who want to be in their comfort zone and train with a special fitness kit. These kits and training sessions are designed for all body-types of slender or curvy and even for the 50+ age group.

Kawaldeep states how important it is to focus on elevating body strength sustainably and not get influenced by social media where brands are only selling products which are not always a requirement for your body. The eating habits and lifestyles of the youth have drastically changed and they are leading to obesity from a very young age. This motivated Kawaldeep to engage youth with sporty activities to level up body performance in an organic way.

Do check out their website to sign up for the professional fitness kit along with online training sessions in the comfort of your home and get trained from coaches at your convenience. Aside from this one can avail specially customized national standard training kits which can be shipped all over India without any added costs. You can also visit their boutique fitness studio in South Mumbai and get training from national-level experts.


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