Prominent Leaders Kickstart CCI India’s Ethanol and Biofuel Conference

New Delhi: The Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (CCI India) marked a historic moment in its Green Energy vertical as its Ethanol and Biofuel Conference was inaugurated by the distinguished presence of the Minister of External Affairs and Culture Mrs Meenakashi Lekhi. The inauguration ceremony was graced by the presence of Padam Shri Subhash Palekar, Mr. Manoj Nardeosingh Secretary General, AARDO (An Intergovernmental Body of 32 Countries), Justice Talwant Singh, Mr. R K Shrivastava, Ex-CMD ONGC, Mr. Utpal Bora, Ex CMD Oil India, Mr. Dhanendra Kumar Ex ED World Bank, Mr. Aryaman Tandon, Praxis and other distinguished guest and special Invitees at the prestigious  The Grand in New Delhi. The conference marked a significant step in India’s pursuit of sustainable energy solutions and accelerating the vision of Hon. Prime Minister of self-reliant and Bharat.

It was one of a kind of event where farmers were invited from across the nation to discuss about the issue of ethanol & biofuel and how they can be benefitted from the sectors and double their income. The global initiative to lower carbon emissions, improve energy security, and foster economic growth recently witnessed the emergence of ethanol and biofuels as key participants. India, a country leading the way in biofuel production, is well-positioned to take advantage of these prospects.

CCI India is one of most influential business organizations in the country with clear objectives for tangible business expansion through policy advocacy, business matchmaking and making the environment conducive for the investors.

CCI India goes far beyond a typical chamber of commerce and works to ensure a growth-oriented business and investment climate in the Country and integrates national and international companies in an environment that transcends borders in the generation of active business products and services.

The Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India will offer an opportunity to address the most recent developments in this area and the possibility of these environmentally friendly fuels becoming widely used.

Minister Mrs. Meenakshi Lekhi said “To safeguard our energy future and preserve the environment, India must set the standard for the adoption of sustainable energy alternatives.  The work that CCI India has done is praiseworthy, and their efforts to gather a wide range of stakeholders for this conference show that they are committed to making India a more vibrant, clean, and sustainable country.”

Experts and delegates across the globe gathered at the conference. This global presence highlighted the possibilities for international cooperation as well as the importance of sustainable energy solutions globally.

CCI India aims to promote collaboration, innovation, and advancement in the ethanol and biofuel production industries. CCI India’s Director-General, Munindra Kumar stated, “The switch to ethanol and biofuels provides both a huge business opportunity and an environmental necessity. India is in a unique position to lead the world in this sector, and the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India is dedicated to helping to make this happen. To promote innovation, establish sustainable growth, and contribute to a more prosperous and environmentally friendly Bharat, our conference provided a forum for stakeholders to exchange varied domain expertise solutions.

Director General Munindra Kumar with great appreciation thanks the Honorable Minister of External Affairs and Culture for gracing the Ethanol and Biofuel Conference and for giving a global perspective to it. Her presence motivated every stakeholder and her interaction with the farmers was a boost to the people at the grassroots level who contribute significantly but not rewarded.  Beaming smile on the face of the farmers were a testament of her presence at the Event and the excitement of various other stakeholders were visible at every moment.

CCI India is poised to enable the investment of Rs. 50,000 Crores in the next 6 months in Ethanol and Bio-Fuel Sectors.

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