Pozitive Planet ready to sponsor a free skill development programme to hire & train youth in tier-2 cities: plans to hire 500+ employees in the next 1 year

Pozitive Planet ready to sponsor a free skill development programme to hire & train youth in tier-2 cities: plans to hire 500+ employees in the next 1 year
Left - Neeraj Bhatia, Right- Vipin Pathania

Pozitive Planet announced the launch of Pozitive Academy- a sponsored training initiative in Tri-city for unemployed & underpaid employees to train them across domains whilst offering them a stipend. They also intend to increase their workforce in the coming year across their 12 companies.

Pozitive Academy is a CSR initiative built to contribute to & bridge the gap between the growing unemployment & the youth, especially post the pandemic. It is an effort to reconstruct a better and more resilient human capital as an essential investment for a stable future. This skill set development programme will hone raw talent that not just needs training but also certifications that will add value to their resumes & help them get jobs that they aspire for. The stipend given is a motivation to learn while they get industry training, seasoning them to work in demanding, high-pressure environments across the globe. Pozitive Planet will also be hiring a set percentage of these young resources to place them in various domains within their umbrella. For the first batch, they intend to train 100 participants at their Mohali office.

To contribute to the agenda further, Pozitive Planet also intends to offer more than500 jobs in the coming year across sectors. The expansion plans of the conglomerate will open further opportunities for employees to garner global work experience (UK). They have just opened 2 new offices in India, taking their total number of offices to 6 globally. They are an equal opportunity employer that is gender neutral, unbiased & empowering. The average age of employees here is 29 years, and this makes it a perfect launch pad for young talent who is offered a global platform to build their careers.

Neeraj Bhatia, CEO & Co-founder of Pozitive Planet was quoted as saying, “The plans for aligning the group with ESG (Environmental, social, and corporate governance)goals accelerated drastically post the pandemic. We are not just trying to be a mere utility provider in the UK but also contribute extensively to society & environment. As part of our corporate social responsibility, we would like to support the local youth, empowering them with transferable skills and making them employable within various industry sectors.”

About Pozitive Planet

The Pozitive Planet is a conglomerate of 12 companies that operate its business in the UK. It is driven by technology, experience, and commitment to bringing efficiencies in business operations. It is a one-stop shop for bespoke solutions across industries that believes in passing on their profits to the customers. So, the model is based on a very simple idea – ‘The more you buy, the more you save!’. The group includes companies across sectors like energy supply, metering operations, insurance, payments, technology, and software-managed services, being operated across 3 continents. Pozitive Planetstrives to provide an enhanced end-user experience while ensuring robust process delivery, efficient operations, and cost efficiency. It empowers clients with low-cost, efficient operations to reduce their risks, meet SLAs and increase profitability.

Companies included are Pozitive Energy, Pozitive Insurance, Pozitive Payments, Enpaas, MPAAS, Pozitive Telecom, Pozitive Water, Pozitive Assets, Pozitive Finance, Pozitive Oil, Pozitive Cabs & Pozitive Solutions.

For more details, visit: www.pozitiveplanet.com / www.pozitivegroup.com


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