Mohammed AlSheryan, known also as Hellcatmas: The Ace sportsperson who has made it huge in the drag race industry in the Middle East

Mohammed AlSheryan known also as Hellcatmas: The Ace sportsperson who has made it huge in the drag race industry in the Middle East
Mohammed AlSheryan

Sportsperson and athlete Hellcatmas’s Mohammed AlSheryan has scored a world record as the fastest Hellcat with stock boost to achieve 10 Seconds in the 1/4 mile.  His Motorsport career is also glowing on the GT circuits, scoring few gold medals along the way.  Back in 2018 Hellcatmas managed to snatch a Gold position in “KSA Time Attack R2” in a remarkable effort. Now, being very active in the sport, Mohammed has won a Gold in “UAE Time Attack R3 2021” and a bronze in “UAE Time Attack R2 2021”.

He holds the golden shield and the first place in the championship of the first Hemi Festival in the Middle East in the strongest category in a Hellcat car, recording the modification of 2018

Mohammed AlSheryan has also worked in First Netflix Arabic reality series ‘The Fastest’- A race for glory (2021). This six-part show, subtitled in 31 languages, features contestants from across the Arab world. In ‘The Fastest’, contestants go head to head in drag races across deserts, race tracks and paved roads, competing for a cash prize.

With the excellent performance in UAE Time Attack, Mohammed AlSheryan tells us that The U.A.E. Time Attack is a highly dynamic race series conceived in the United Arab Emirates as the first-ever time attack competition in the Middle East. Mohammed AlSheryan further adds that The basic format of time-attack racing means that production-based sport cars compete for the fastest single lap around a paved road course. The Time Attack Series are dedicated to representing the racing and aftermarket scenes in the region and to providing a relevant motorsport discipline to those businesses and individuals within the scene. Time Attack provides a venue for spirited circuit competition with a high degree of performance and safety. The qualified cars and individuals are allowed to compete in the best lap time and further proceed to the next level of the same event.

In the “UAE Time Attack” Round 4 AWD Modified saw Zuhair Yahya take the win in his WRX STi with a time of 2:19.549. Close behind him with a time of 2:19.762 was Mohammed AlSheryan in his 911 Carrera 4 GTS. Third was taken by Aghin Thahir in his Golf R with a time of 2:25.987.

Also just as the time attack returned the two back-to-back heats held at Dubai Autodrome were the centre of attraction. In the AWD Modified, the two car heat, Mohammed Al Sheryan placed first in his 911 GTS with a time of 2:20.108 followed by Sujith Prasad in second in his WXI STi with a time of 2:21.845.

In the final round of UAE Time Attack, the AWD Modified was a two car class wherein Zuhair Yahya took the win in his WRX STi with a time of 1:11.553. Second place saw Mohammed Alsheryan’s 911 4 GTS set a time of 1:12.775.

Mohammed AlSheryan has worked really hard for where he is now. He has seen days when there was absolutely no support from anyone and it was just him and his dream alone. The life of Mohammed AlSheryan has seen many down during early days of his career, but he held the true sportsman spirit and never gave up on his dreams. At present he is one of the most loved drag racer and has more than 20k followers on his Instagram where he actively shares snippets from his personal as well as private life.

As a racer Mohammed AlSheryan has always kept the risk of life up his sleeves, he says that “life is the most beautiful present that has been given to us and we should always be grateful about it. This doesn’t mean we should always live in our safe zone. You Only Live Once and you should live your life with no regrets whatsoever and this can never come from living in the comfort zone. You should always step out and be what you want to be and when you want to be. You should be grateful about life but you should also take charge of your life right from the start.”


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