Mithun Amin and Bhavin Patel – The visionary entrepreneur duo who came out on top with their creative and forward-thinking

Mithun Amin and Bhavin Patel – The visionary entrepreneur duo who came out on top with their creative and forward-thinking

Mithun Amin and Bhavin Patel are the founders of International Dreamzz and Prism Technologies whose contribution to society has been immense with not just the creation of job opportunities, but innovation and improvement of the economy. The action-oriented and highly motivated individuals Mithun and Bhavin perceived what others have not seen and acted upon their perception led to the birth of International Dreamzz and Prism Technologies.

Any success you have in life as an entrepreneur must begin with a vision that develops you the ability to see what others cannot see. It is being able to have a picture in your mind of what exactly the result you intend to produce. Mithun Amin and Bhavin Patel were able to see exactly what their ventures are going to impact the lives of other people in every detail. They have put the right system in place to make their vision become a reality with their ventures International Dreamzz and Prism Technologies.

International Dreamzz, a consultancy firm that was founded in 2006, aimed to be one of the best in India. Since 2006, they had great success attracting a lot of students abroad. Their specialization country in recruiting is Singapore, and they onboard 70+ students for Singapore every year. Together with Singapore, they provide recruitment in countries like the USA, UK, CANADA, MAURITIUS, NEW ZEALAND, LATVIA, AUSTRALIA, and GERMANY.

As a matter of fact, foreign universities and educational organizations have started to take on a bigger role in the Indian education system in recent years. Moreover, these institutions are widely seen by Indian students as the go-to place for a top-notch education. Additionally, international schools have been courting these very students through education fairs, seminars, and counseling sessions. International Dreamzz provides end-to-end service right from student analysis to pre-departure briefings.

It is Mithun and Bhavin’s high level of creativity, sound technical knowledge, understanding of down-to-earth and practical, and above all a good concept right through the completion of the client’s project that makes them stand apart from the noise. They constantly keep on updating their knowledge basis the latest trends. It was their passion for entrepreneurship that served as a motivator and drove them to get over any risk and fear with a determination that kept them going. This triggered them to form Prism Technologies.

By optimizing and advancing the network as a component of converged infrastructure, Prism Technologies Networking Services offers customers a comprehensive set of network lifecycle services that aid in the effective management of their networks and the discovery of the business value of technology investments. The majority of corporate operations today rely on the network. Prism Technology’s network performance resources offer methods for making sure that the entire network infrastructure and the IT systems that communicate with it run at peak efficiency that includes tools for managing network configurations, which can be used to update and modify configurations for a number of network devices simultaneously.

The tools include the following – Prism Technologies

  • PC and IMAC Repair
  • Laptop Repair
  • Tablet repair
  • Smart Phone Repair
  • Data Recovery
  • Console Repair
  • Desktop and Laptop selling

In the words of the founders “We want to assist our customers by offering exceptional service and expert repairs utilizing only the best components available.”

It was Mithun and Bhavin’s strong vision that made them successful entrepreneurs. Started with just an idea and came out as a fledgling venture it was their passion that kept them growing with the right preparation and approach, simultaneously entrepreneurship had been a very rewarding experience for them. His innovative, creative, resourceful, and risk-taking ability made them stand apart from the crowd.

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