Lyfsum: A Healthtech Platform Simplifying Access to Medical Services.

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Pune (Maharashtra), [India], May 10 , 2024: Ms Neelam Choudhary witnessed a medical emergency from close quarters. She saw her friend struggle to find the right doctor and pursue the suitable course of treatment for a relative, suffering from cancer. 

Another time, Neelam noticed how a mother ignored her child’s discomfort for over 6 months until she procured the appointment of a suitable doctor.

Considering her first-hand experience in medical distress, she realised the lack of a tech platform that could streamline the process of accessing medical services.

Neelam recognised this gap in communication and sought to alleviate the time-consuming process of getting appointments by launching her med-tech platform—

Bridging the Gap in Healthcare Access

In September 2022, Neelam Choudhary, a serial entrepreneur with experience in logistics and consulting, established a healthcare tech startup— Lyfsum Private Limited.

Utilising her education in Pharmacy, she aims to revolutionise “Access to medical services” in India and beyond with the help of advanced technology.

Prioritising Patient Convenience with Real-Time Appointments

At the core of Lyfsum’s principles lies patient convenience. The platform offers:

  • Real-time doctor appointment scheduling.
  • Elimination of contacting clinics and waiting for confirmations.
  • Appointments are directly confirmed by doctors.
  • Access to available specialists quickly.

This focus on real-time availability empowers patients to prioritise their health concerns without delays.

Streamlining Operations for Medical Professionals

The platform’s advantages aren’t limited to patients only but extends its benefits to doctors, clinics, and hospitals as well. Lyfsum functions as an operational platform, eliminating the need for additional tele-operators or marketing agencies for lead generation. 

The platform’s intuitive technology facilitates real-time doctor-patient connections, allowing direct appointments instead of unreliable leads.

A Comprehensive Solution for Overseas Patients and NRIs

Lyfsum caters to a diverse clientele. From overseas clients to regional patients, Lysum’s platform has posed as their first point of contact. The med-tech portal is also valuable for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) seeking healthcare for their parents in India

By eliminating intermediaries, Lyfsum connects patients directly with doctors and offers a plethora of services, ranging from online consultations, language interpretation, visa and travel assistance, and accommodation, to even pre and post-hospitalization support. 

Seamless Onboarding for Doctors

Lyfsum offers a completely digital onboarding process. The intuitive platform allows doctors to register and treat patients within a short timeframe. Furthermore, the customer service team verifies profiles after completion of KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures.


Lyfsum’s innovative approach bridges the gap between patients and quality healthcare services. Its user-friendly platform coupled with its commitment to real-time connections empowers both patients and medical professionals, streamlining the healthcare experience for all.


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