Jainex Stationery India: Changing the stationery market with affordably excellent products

With its dedication to offering consumers all over India affordable and high-quality stationery products, Jainex Stationery India, a major player in the stationery industry, is revolutionizing the sector. Jainex Stationery, which was founded in 2013 by the creative team of Narpatlal Jain, Praveen Kumar Jain, and Arvind Kumar Jain, has quickly gained recognition for its cutting-edge approach and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Mr. Narpatlal Jain’s journey with Stationery began in 1978, at the tender age of 16, when he joined his father, Late Shri Samratmal Jain, in the family business. Mr. Jain has seen firsthand how the stationery industry has changed and evolved over the course of four decades.

His early entry into the industry gave him invaluable knowledge of the market dynamics and the changing needs and preferences of customers. Mr. Narpatlal Jain gained years of experience by adjusting to changes in the industry and seizing new opportunities.

The company’s growth was accelerated in 2007 when his eldest son, Mr. Praveen Kumar Jain, joined the family business after earning his B.Com. The pivotal moment occurred in 2011, when Mr. Arvind Kumar Jain, having gained priceless corporate experience, firmly decided to join his father and brother in achieving their shared vision of creating a stationery brand.

The Jainex founders set out on an exploratory journey, traveling to markets around the world to gain profound insights into stationery trends, motivated by their innate passion for stationery products. The direction and inspiration of their father fueled their resolve to establish a low-cost stationery brand that catered to the discerning tastes of Indian customers.

A one-rupee MRP eraser, though unassuming at first glance, was the cornerstone of Jainex Stationery’s success. This modest beginning quickly won widespread acclaim, providing a strong foundation for the brand’s future endeavors. The founders were greatly inspired to expand their product line by the sincere gratitude they received from customers who proudly associated the Jainex name with premium stationery.

Currently, Jainex Stationery offers an impressive range of products, including crayons, sketch pens, coloring pencils, watercolours, glue, highlighter pens, marker pens, ink pen cartridges, mechanical pencils, non-sharpening pencils, wood-free pencils, leads, sharpeners, rulers, roller pen, fountain pen,  and folders. The company also offers extensive coloring and craft options.

Jainex Stationery’s ethos is built around quality. To guarantee an unmatched user experience, every product goes through rigorous testing in challenging environments. Jainex Stationery has earned a reputation as an industry leader thanks to the company’s unwavering dedication to excellence and affordable pricing.

Mr. Narpatlal Jain, the creative force behind Jainex Stationery, firmly believes in three fundamental principles that promote market acceptance and trust: unwavering quality, aggressive pricing, and first-rate customer service. These values make up the very core of Jainex Stationery’s DNA, which is represented by the three red dots on their logo.

Jainex Stationery has set ambitious goals to reach every corner of the nation by 2025 in order to fulfill their mission of ensuring that stationery is accessible to everyone. The company has quickly increased its presence across 15 Indian states. Jainex Stationery used the COVID-19 pandemic’s challenges as an opportunity to deepen their understanding of stationery products, emerging stronger and more resilient.

The extraordinary success of Jainex Stationery can be attributed to its USP of providing high-quality products that provide an exceptional stationery experience at the most competitive prices. By concentrating on the MRP segment of Rs. 10, Jainex Stationery makes sure a variety of products are accessible to end users, regardless of their financial limitations. Consumers have responded favorably to this commitment to affordability without sacrificing quality, which has played a crucial role in Jainex Stationery’s explosive growth and success.

Mr. Jain understood the value of staying on the cutting edge thanks to his extensive knowledge and astute observations. In 2013, he founded Jainex Stationery India with the help of his sons Praveen and Arvind Jain. Their shared goal was to create a business that would not only meet the shifting needs of the Indian market, but would also raise the bar for quality and client satisfaction in the stationery industry.

Jainex Stationery India has become a leader in the sector as a result of their unrelenting pursuit of excellence. The firm has won the trust and loyalty of a large customer base thanks to its dedication to offering top-notch products at affordable prices and top-notch customer service.

With Mr. Narpatlal Jain’s extensive knowledge of the industry and grasp of current trends, Jainex Stationery has been able to thrive and adjust to the changing requirements of professionals, hobbyists, and students. The legacy of Mr. Jain’s journey, combined with the passion and dedication of his sons, has propelled Jainex Stationery to new heights of success.

In conclusion, Mr. Narpatlal Jain’s inspiring journey from working for his father’s company at a young age to founding Jainex Stationery India exemplifies his profound dedication to the sector and his unwavering pursuit of excellence. His foresight and dedication have helped Jainex Stationery establish new standards for quality and client satisfaction in the stationery industry. The company’s unwavering commitment to exceeding expectations and meeting customer needs remains the cornerstone of its success as it grows and develops.


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