How Vestige Marketing is playing an important role in achieving the self-reliant India vision

If there is a Government of India initiative that unites the majority of the nation, it is the Atmanirbhar Bharat mission. United by the vision of making the nation self-reliant and reducing dependency on other nations for essentials and luxuries, numerous Indian citizens and brands are working hard in this direction. One such company is Vestige, which has been working towards the goal since 2004. Long before the mission was even announced, 3 friends started their journey of helping the nation. If you ask the leadership of Vestige, they say that they wished to start an entrepreneurial venture that added value to the nation. Apart from business, they were passionate about good health and that is why Vestige came into existence.

For nearly two decades now, Vestige has created a livelihood for countless students, housewives, and retired persons. Each of Vestige’s products is manufactured in India. All raw materials are sourced locally and the processes are envisaged, keeping the Indian audience in mind.

Vestige is a direct selling company that empowers manufacturers, distributors, partners, associates, and customers to connect directly. The company has over 300 products across 19 categories. Consumers love these products for their superior quality and sellers love the training and support Vestige offers. Numerous success stories regard Vestige as the magic that turned the direction of their life. From experienced sellers to distressed folks who resorted to Vestige in times of need, everyone has good things to say about the brand and its values.

It takes visionary guidance, robust processes, and exemplary commitment on the part of everyone involved to achieve what Vestige has achieved in the 18 years of its existence. It is a delightful story of entrepreneurship that can serve as an example to other budding businessmen, to work towards profits in a way that benefits others.

Vestige has received numerous awards and they include The Great Place To Work Award, National Best Employer Brand 2021, Global 100 Awards, Global HR Excellence Awards, North India Best Employer Brand Award, etc. These accolades are proof of the heights Vestige has achieved as employers and the value it has created for the country and its people.

We hope more such brands come forward with social and national responsibility at their core. We also hope Vestige attains even greater heights in the future and continues to contribute to the “Make in India” mission.

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