Gallideals Launches Online Portal That Redefines Online Buying

Gallideals help buyers and sellers experience normalcy amida global crisis.

Bangalore, Health and safety areof paramount importance in this COVID-19 situation. Lockdown and social distancing are now calls of the day, and the customers are afraid to come out for shopping as they have no idea of what is available and where.

Such extraordinary times need extraordinary things. Understanding the problem of the Indian retailers and the customers, Gallideals has launched its website that brings a new wave in the selling landscape. 

It handpicks the advantages of offline and online business and gives a super-shopping experience in an amazing interactive format. Shop owners and showroom owners can display their products on the Gallideals portal. Unlike common online stores,buyers can buy products offline. Thus, the customers are not deprived of seeing, touching, and feeling the products.

Gallideals Launches Online Portal That Redefines Online Buying
Gallideals Launches Online Portal That Redefines Online Buying

To sum it up, this portal serves as a virtual showroom to the customers even when the shops are closed. Moreover, they are also planning to offer a new website with showroom names under Gallideals domain, which will provide one of the best possible branding among other shops.

“We are thrilled to launch our website,” said their chief executive Sankar Gaddam. “We do not sell anything but help sellers to sell more at their Retail Stores. Our website features a collection of brands and itemswith various offers. Customers can see them and buy products offline with 100% satisfaction and be assured that they are taking the right kind of product home”, he further added.

Their range of products includesapparel, electronics, fitness, furniture, hardware, pet supplies, sports, and many more. One can search by category and also see the hottest deals. This lets one check the availability online before rushing off to the stores and can also opt for deals with incredible offers.

Gallideals Launches Online Portal That Redefines Online Buying

Gallideals have solutions to small, medium, and large businesses and can help sellers, around the world, promoting their products in the print, online, and social media channels.They also create customized promotion plans based on the seller’s needs. When registering with Gallideals, one gets 24×7 accesses to the portal.They have also introduced an event offering it free for one year with a complete setup for early adopters.

Registering with Gallideals is also easy.It gives an excellent online presence to allure customers. One needs to have multiple registrations for multiple shops or showrooms.
Gallideals studies customers and provides insights to the sellers. They also provide live chat support to handle any issue that pops up.

They are available at for shop and showroom owners who want to use their services to display products for offline buyers.

Customers intending to see the product-based deals may visit


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