From Zero to 1 Lakh Monthly Traffic: The Viral Growth Story of InvestingExpert

Rajan started InvestingExpert In 2022, to share his personal finance, investing, and trading knowledge with the world.

He quickly realized that there were not enough Indian finance websites that he could refer to further deepen his knowledge about stock investment.

This realization fueled Rajan’s determination, and in 2023, he took InvestingExpert to new heights, aspiring to become the go-to platform to learn stock investment and trading.

His vision is clear – to create a platform where different finance experts could come together and share their knowledge & strategies with the audience.

InvestingExpert’s impact has been remarkable, and its growth has been nothing short of phenomenal. In a mere six months, the platform’s monthly traffic surged from a modest 1000 visitors to an impressive 1,00,000, solidifying its reputation as a trusted resource among investors, and experts.

Curious about how Rajan’s determination and commitment led to this rapid success? In an exclusive interview, Rajan shares the strategies that propelled InvestingExpert to its viral growth.

1. Content That Resonated

Rajan revealed that InvestingExpert’s success stemmed from a simple yet powerful philosophy: delivering content that genuinely resonates with the audience. He began by sharing his own financial journey, believing that if he faced certain challenges, others might be experiencing the same.

“Our content addresses real-life problems that people encounter on their investment journey,” Rajan said. “By incorporating data, case studies, and real-life examples, we strive to provide credible information that our readers can trust.”

Rajan used storytelling techniques, allowing readers to relate with the information. “Storytelling humanizes the financial world and makes it more relatable,” he explained. This approach fostered a strong bond between InvestingExpert and its readers, contributing to its viral growth.

2. Focused on Practical In-depth Content

The backbone of InvestingExpert’s success lies in its commitment to deliver practical, in-depth guides that readers can apply in their financial decisions. Rajan stressed the importance of using clear and straightforward language, ensuring that even complex concepts became easy to comprehend.

“We wanted to empower the readers with actionable tips and advice,” Rajan shared. “Our goal is to equip the investors with the knowledge they need to make informed investment choices.”

To enhance the content’s appeal, InvestingExpert incorporated visual elements like charts, graphs, and infographics. These elements not only made the content visually appealing but also improved its accessibility and understanding.

3. Addressing Reader Queries and Feedback

Throughout our interview, Rajan stressed the significance of reader engagement for InvestingExpert’s growth.

We take our readers’ queries and feedback seriously,” he said. “It helps us understand their needs better.”

Rajan revealed how they provided multiple channels for communication, including email, to ensure two-way interaction. This approach allowed them to gain valuable insights from their readers to improve the articles.

Rajan further revealed that many new article ideas originated from reader queries and feedback.

4. Involve Financial Experts

Collaborating with other financial experts played a pivotal role in enriching InvestingExpert’s content. Rajan expressed his belief in the power of diverse perspectives, inviting experts to contribute their insights through guest posts, interviews or giving their opinion on the article.

“At InvestingExpert, we want to be a platform where financial experts can share their knowledge and strategies,” Rajan stated. “Even if their views differ from ours, we encourage open and unbiased discussions.”

The inclusion of expert opinions provided readers with a holistic view of the financial landscape, bolstering InvestingExpert’s credibility and reputation.

5. Continuous Iteration and Improvement

In the ever-evolving world of finance, staying up-to-date is crucial. Rajan highlighted the importance of continuous iteration and improvement to ensure the content remained relevant and accurate.

“Financial information changes rapidly, and we must adapt accordingly,” Rajan shared. “Regularly updating our articles and analyzing user behavior keeps us ahead of the curve.”

By embracing change and evolving with the audience’s needs, InvestingExpert retained its cutting-edge position in the industry.

6. Growing Social Media Platforms

InvestingExpert’s expansion to multiple platforms was a pivotal aspect of its viral growth. Rajan discussed how the platform’s vision extended beyond a mere website.

“Expanding our presence to platforms like YouTube was a natural progression,” Rajan said. “We wanted to leverage the expertise of financial experts on different mediums to reach a larger audience.”

By diversifying its content offerings and broadening its reach, InvestingExpert cemented its position as a comprehensive and influential resource in the financial space.

Rajan’s decision to explore diverse content formats aligned with the platform’s mission of providing valuable financial information through various channels.


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