FMCG Major CavinKare announces COVID relief measures for its employees & their family members

  • Announces financial support and sponsorship of education for children of the deceased employee’s family

New Delhi, 13thMay 2021: With people-first philosophy at its heart, FMCG major CavinKare today announced a slew of COVID Relief measuresfor its employees. Covering 1700 employees across India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, the company announced free vaccination cover for all its employees and dependent family members both at the factory and corporate level.

In addition to this, in case of an unfortunate event, the company has also announced financial assistance to the bereaved family. Through this financial assistance, CavinKare will payan annual salary for a fixed time frame to the family members as immediate monetary support over and above the statutory insurance benefits.The company, as part of its many COVID relief initiatives, has also extended education support and sponsorship till college for two children of the deceased employee.

Commenting on this, Mr. Venkatesh Vijayaraghavan, Director & CEO – Personal Care & Alliances, said “Employee well-being is at the core of everything we do at CavinKare. We want to stand by our employees and their family during these trying times by offering the right support and nurturing a positive ecosystem. Their health and safety are of monumental importance to us at CavinKare. Right from transitioning to remote working up until this moment, we have always had employees and their welfare is our priority. We will continue to prioritize the overall well-being of our employees and extend support to their family in these uncertain times.”

Along with the financial assistance and vaccination cover, CavinKare has also regularly conducted well-being sessions and event for its employees post the outbreak of COVID-19. From celebrating milestones to town hall meetings, CavinKare has embraced the virtual world to seamlessly connect and bond with its employees through regular events.


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