Ethosh: Bringing AR/VR to B2C Sector Worldwide

“Ethosh,” a U.S.-based leader in the advanced technologies of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), has been serving major corporations across more than 17 countries for the past 12 years. Having established a solid foundation and achieved success in sectors such as life sciences, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, engineering, and automotive, Ethosh is branching out into the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) domain encompassing retail, gaming, FMCG, fashion, sports, airlines, and real estate across the globe. Co-founder Jitendra Dahale made this announcement today, marking a new chapter for Ethosh.

Mr. Dahale highlighted the versatility of AR/VR technologies in enriching customer interactions across diverse B2C industries. He detailed how these technologies are revolutionizing the retail experience by enabling virtual trials of a wide range of products—from trying on trendy outfits and footwear, experimenting with jewellery styles, testing makeup looks, to visualizing furniture and decor in one’s own space. As an example, he noted that it can transport customers to a virtual store where they can browse and sample products as if they were there in person. This use of AR and VR technologies grants customers a rich, consistent, and personalized experience, enhancing their decision-making process and leading to more satisfying purchases.

Ethosh comes with huge experience and proven methodology, along with a team of highly skilled professionals in AR/VR. This new venture is expected to significantly enrich the customer experience and concurrently offer companies new avenues to boost their product and service sales, as shared by Mr. Jitendra Dahale.


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