Erisha Space: Pioneering India’s Private Space with a Complete Satellite-to-Application Space Infrastructure

New Delhi: ERISHA SPACE PVT. LTD. combines data from multi-mission satellite sensors, mobile applications, ground instruments, SCADA, socioeconomic data, and develops mathematical models. It provides users with the ability to track, monitor, and analyse large-scale changes in land use, water resources, biodiversity, and climate change. ERISHA SPACE PVT. LTD. also provides services to help organizations and governments to make informed decisions on environmental management and sustainability.

Chairman and Managing Director of Rana Group Mr. Darshan Rana disclosed that “In 2024, Erisha Space plans to launch a satellite for image processing and machine learning/artificial intelligence frameworks, which will help us provide comprehensive solutions and services for remote sensing, GIS, and photogrammetry in the fields of natural resources mapping, agro-economics, large scale cartographic & topographic mapping, large scale Oil & Gas, NH, rail infrastructural planning and monitoring, deforestation & afforestation studies, City planning & city G-governance, geospatial smart city planning and governance, environmental impact assessment and Space based geospatial support for effective planning & monitoring of national missions.”

The satellite will be equipped with advanced image processing capabilities and a suite of machine learning/artificial intelligence frameworks that will allow it to analyse and process large amounts of data quickly and accurately. This will provide valuable insight into the earth’s resources and help identify areas that need more attention in order to create more effective natural resources mapping, city planning, and environmental impact assessment. This data can be used for development decisions, improve risk management, and support more informed decision making when it comes to environmental management and protecting the planet from overexploitation. Such data can also be used to better understand the impact of climate change and to make more sustainable development decisions that will help protect our mother Earth for future generations.

Chairman and Managing Director of Rana Group Mr. Darshan Rana also informed that “Under the leadership of Mr. Debadatta Mishra (Ex. Senior Scientist/ISRO), Director of Erisha Space private limited, Erisha Space team begins designing & developing activities on a number of space technologies for societal applications. Moreover, they plan to launch SSLV (Small Satellite Launch Vehicle) by 2025-2026, which will have the capacity to launch and deliver 1000 kilograms of payload to low earth orbit. Initially it will be designed to work as a single use satellite launch vehicle but later it will be modified to become a reusable launch vehicle in order to bring down the launch cost. Erisha Space Private Limited is committed to developing cutting-edge technology and providing efficient and cost-effective services to its customers. The team is determined to make the SSLV launch vehicle a success and is confident that it will revolutionize the space industry.

Erisha Space will be one of the first Indian private Space company with complete space eco system from building satellite to launching of the same and development of applications. We are determined to set a new bar for the industry and will strive to make a difference with our services. Our team is motivated and excited to make this project a success and we are confident that it will bring about a revolution in the space industry. We are proud to be part of this journey.

Sale of the application. We are confident that the application will be a game changer in the industry and will help us reach our goals. We are committed to making this project a success and are excited to see the positive impact it will have. We look forward to launching the application soon.


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