Elan Studio – Your Interior Design partner By Sakshi Monga

Elan Studio - Your Interior Design partner By Sakshi Monga
Sakshi Monga

Over the years, Sakshi has developed a broad range of professional competence and skills from working with a variety of clients.

Having delivered a diverse collection of projects, both in scale and scope, she brings to the forefront an ability to acknowledge client needs and cater to unique tastes.

Sakshi brings proficiency in working with a global clientele to the table. Over the years, she has accumulated a plethora of experience working at Kludi RAK, Munuzia, Mika Design, Chicago Studio, and APDAX Construction.

And lastly with a Singapore-based firm – Ren Home design. Through this rich legacy of professional associations, Sakshi’s technical and design expertise have delivered some very challenging projects. Her rich styling palette, along with her expertise, inspired Sakshi to start working independently, starting with small scale commercial and residential projects.

Sakshi is extremely thankful for all the support from her husband, family and aims to become one of the top female professionals in the profession of interior design. Something that her kids might someday be able to look up to and be proud of.

Her thirst to keep learning and keep designing till the very end, she believes her job is not merely to create a habitative interior design but to bring alive a space that nourishes memories and bonds.

Link: https://instagram.com/theelanstudio_interiors?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==


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