Diwali Exclusive: In conversation with Our Favourite Lifestyle Influencer Surbhi Agarwal aka mum_in_vogue

Diwali Exclusive In conversation with Our Favourite Lifestyle Influencer Surbhi Agarwal aka mum_in_vogue

She is a lifestyle Blogger, fashionista and fitness inclined mother who has mastered the art of creating a perfect blend of all her talents through her iconic blog (mum_in_vogue). Being one of the top ten mom bloggers, she was recently awarded as “Best Female Lifestyle digital creator 2022”. She has collaborated with leading brands and given guest appearances. In an exclusive interview, she shares with us, her plans this Diwali.

What importance does Diwali hold for you wrt your profession?

Influencer led content is extensively engaging the interest and attention of Indian Festive Shopper in 2022. According to the “Annual consumer insights reports” released by Meta, approx 93 percent of Diwali Shoppers are likely to try a new brand this Holiday Season. These brands may include clothing, interior, event planners, appliances, skin care amongst others. Brands these days are keen on influencer marketing and this has kept us really busy.

How do you choose brands amongst such chaos?

Having been approached by quite a few brands as most of them are running offers and wish to spread the word to boost sales, selection criteria from our end is simple, “what I can’t use, I won’t promote”.  Of all the PR parcels brands send, we try our best to verify the quality and share only the first-hand experience with audience.

Apart from work, how do you plan to celebrate Diwali this year?

I intend to celebrate with family as my Captain is home and parents joining us for the celebration has certainly doubled the excitement. Meeting friends, getting decked up is definitely on cards. We intend to share this joy by giving gifts to needy and our community helpers. If odds are in my favour, spending time with underpriviledged kids and lighting up their Diwali would mean everything to me. Diwali is the darkest night of the year and overcoming this darkness with kindness would light up all nights to follow.

This indeed reminds us, why you are our favourite. Pls elaborate on how can one go about this path of lighting up Diwali for others?

This can be achieved simply by supporting small businesses, buying candles and Diya’s from NGOs, sharing pre-loved items with needy along with buying new clothes for at least one person. This might bring immeaurable happiness to those around and peace to oneself. After all, its about celebrating victory of good over bad and its important we practice the same in our lives so people don’t loose faith in kindness and mankind.

Talking of festive, which is your favourite festival and why?

It is Diwali without any doubts. This festival excites me like a kid and reminds me of my childhood memories where skies are full of fireworks and mouths full of sweets, houses full of diyas and my little heart full of joy. Wishing a Happy festive time to all of you!

You can follow her for more updates: Surbhi Agarwal: https://instagram.com/mum_in_vogue?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=


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