Dawn Till Dusk: An Eco-Friendly Choice in Natural Underarm Care 

Dawn Till Dusk: A Eco-Friendly Choice in Natural Underarm Care

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, two friends united by their love for fragrances embarked on a mission to reformulate underarm care. Meet the founders of Dawn Till Dusk, a brand born out of a shared passion since childhood. These friends undertook a two-year journey of trial and error in a market flooded with cheap and toxic deodorants causing irreversible damage. Their goal is to create a natural roll-on deodorant customised to the diverse climate of India.

Taking a bold stand against plastic packaging, Dawn Till Dusk opted for a glass bottle, ensuring a neutral and non-reactive environment for their formulated product. Their Natural Roll-On Deodorant doesn’t impede the body’s natural sweating process. Still, it effectively halts odour, offering a refreshing alternative to conventional antiperspirants laden with harmful ingredients.

“We wanted to provide an authentic solution to our problem – the lack of a reliable, natural underarm care product in the market. Our formulation journey was fueled by passion and a commitment to creating a product that works and is gentle on the skin,” share the founders of Dawn Till Dusk.

The overwhelming number of repeat purchases is proof of the brand’s dedication to meeting the needs of its customers. With fragrances designed to captivate users instantly, the roll-on has witnessed phenomenal growth, significantly reducing customers’ reliance on synthetic perfumes.

Dawn Till Dusk’s mission goes beyond delivering a natural underarm solution. Manufactured in an FDA-approved facility in Himachal Pradesh, their roll-on boasts fragrances certified by The International Fragrance Association (IFRA). This move ensures a pleasant scent and a safe and certified aroma experience.

Their growth expands from learning the ropes of social media marketing to bagging the coveted Amazon Prime badge, which mirrors their responsibility to deliver a quality product and exceptional service. As the brand expands its horizons, new body care products inspired by valuable feedback from its dedicated customer base are set to grace the market.

Dawn Till Dusk proudly provides a healthy option in a world filled with harmful plastic choices. Their glass packaging keeps the product safe and shows the brand cares about the environment. It’s a simple way to be kind to yourself and the planet.

The brand’s success is about fostering a community of individuals prioritising their well-being. Dawn Till Dusk’s commitment to providing 12-hour odour protection for daily use encapsulates their understanding of real-life needs. The aroma families awaiting future product releases promise a diverse range of fragrances. 


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