Coffee & Crypto – The first BitcoinCash themed Coffee shop opening in Bangalore

Coffee & Crypto - The first BitcoinCash themed Coffee shop opening in Bangalore

India has its first BitcoinCash-themed coffee shop opening in August.

Coffee & Crypto is located above Domino’s Pizza in Jaya Nagar, Bangalore which is one of the busy food districts and home to many franchises.

How did this happen? Mr Raj the Owner of C&C is a personal friend of Sunny Gehani now known as Sunny BCH who is assisting with spreading the awareness of BitcoinCash around the globe. Raj is not new to the Wallet or the cash register app bcos he also owns several other business in the islands of St Kitts & Nevis, Alaska and also a purified water facility in India where they already accept BitcoinCash as a mode of payment.

When Raj mentioned to sunny his plans to open a Coffee Shop Franchise in India with the coffee specialists “AINMANE” based in Coorg. The only thing that came to Sunny’s mind was let’s do a crypto-themed coffee shop that accepts the real P2P BitcoinCash. Why BitcoinCash?  because it has no fees and the transactions are instant.

Crypto & Coffee will offer Free BitcoinCash to every customer that spends 200 rupees (2.5 usd) or more and also explain to them how one can download the Wallet in less than a minute and start accepting crypto.

With more and more businesses accepting crypto as a mode of payment it’s not too far when BitcoinCash will be accepted by every single merchant in India. Recently India announced it will have a 1% TDS charged on every crypto transaction which has led to a massive decline of transactions in crypto exchanges but surely for a coffee shop its cheaper than credit card fees.

Raj also plans to pay his payroll in BitcoinCash and continue the awareness of this amazing utility crypto.

BitcoinCash is accepted in more than 100 websites globally and can be used towards buying air tickets and book hotel rooms or literally anything that is needed in a daily life routine.

Recently Nahar state-of-the-art Medical Center in Mumbai and few other businesses like restaurants, night clubs, pet shops and even a school in Mumbai started to accept BitcoinCash towards their goods and services.

More details will be announced soon on their social media platforms.

If you want to start accepting crypto/ BitcoinCash at your business

And if you are interested to open a franchise of Coffee & Crypto in India send WhatsApp +16462178512


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