BNI, the beacon of hope for entrepreneurs world over!

BNI the beacon of hope for entrepreneurs world over!
Over 220 BNI members participating in the largest 121 Business Conclave in the recent times, hosted by BNI, Hyderabad Region and sponsored by Fortune Academy at Hotel Marigold

Over two hundred entrepreneurs participate in the largest 121 Conclave in the recent times

Hyderabad, December 27th, 2021: BNI, the world’s largest referral organisation, with presence in 74 plus countries and 110 cities in India, has been the beacon of hope for entrepreneurs, giving fillip to the MSMEs, Solopreneurs and Start-up ecosystem, even during the most tumultuous times due to pandemic. Despite most businesses taking a hit and continue to be badly impacted due to this unforeseen disruption, BNI stood like a colossal support system for its members and ensured opportunities for members. In fact BNI swiftly adopted the online platform during the lockdown and helped members to thrive by throwing open opportunities of collaboration from across the globe through its 2.85 lakh member network, world over.

BNI, Hyderabad region, has been one of the frontrunners in this success story being scripted by BNI. The Hyderabad region saw an unprecedented 65% growth in business transacted in this financial year till date over the same period previous year. Last year the Region launched 10 chapters, despite the sombre business sentiment all around and created a world record in BNI annals by launching 4 chapters on the same day. This stupendous accomplishment under the stewardship of Sanjana Shah, Executive Director, BNI Hyderabad, won global laurels for her and the Region. Recognising her exceptional leadership skills, Sanjana Shah was made part of the prestigious Advisory Committee to the founder of BNI, Dr Ivan Misner.

Today more than ever, BNI is the conduit to success for entrepreneurs, especially as the business community witnesses unforeseen disruptions and constant challenges. As members we had a first-hand experience of how BNI systems enabled us to remain steadfast in the most adverse circumstances and overcome the toughest barriers during the lockdown, says Sanjana Shah. Despite business coming to a standstill for most entrepreneurs during lockdown, BNI members continued to engage constructively by attending online meetings and generating whatever business possible. During the pandemic BNI entrepreneurs were among the few actively operating their business and were cornering the limited opportunities available, while their competition was still figuring out on how to go about. 

As part of our endeavour of Givers Gain, a BNI Core value, over 220 members donned the Santa’s cap and became Referral Santas for each other in this season of giving and participated in the largest 121 Conclave hosted in the city in the recent times, at Hotel Marigold, today. The members made a concerted effort to know each other’s business, enhanced their network, generated referrals and explored opportunities of collaboration. This most happening  121 was sponsored by Fortune Academy, run by city based Entrepreneurs, Dr Mani Pavitra and Pradeep Yalagadda, focussing on educating individuals in taking informed decision on their finances and thriving by multiplying the investments.

The 121 Conclave was a win-win proposition for the participants with several bagging their dream business referrals and many others grabbing opportunities of collaboration, says Dr Mani Pavitra, Regional Events Coordinator, BNI, Hyderabad.

Fortune Academy came to the rescue of people who suddenly realised the need for a second income during the pandemic, as they were hit by job loss and income loss. We will have to work for the rest of our life if we rely on job alone or a single source of income, that makes it pertinent for every individual to create alternative avenues of income. Fortune Academy equips individuals to invest in American stock markets and earn through US Dollars from the comfort of their homes. Me and Mani Pavitra were trained by Mary Buffett former daughter-in-law of Warren Buffett. Close to 60000 students were trained by us in the last one and half year and they are comfortably earning that extra income, which makes a huge difference to their lives, says Pradeep Yalagadda, Co-founder, Fortune Academy.


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