BitcoinCash is the real P2P Electronic Cash being rapidly adapted around the globe

BitcoinCash is the real P2P Electronic Cash being rapidly adapted around the globe

A few Merchants/Users had questions which were answered by Sunny Gehani who recently onboarded a few hundred businesses in various countries.

What Is BitcoinCash?

BitcoinCash is peer to peer cash, which is decentralized fast, reliable, secure, store of value and a Utility- you can use BitcoinCash in your daily needs as you use Cash.

Secure – bcos it generates a new BCH address – no one knows who is behind the address. No KYC is needed to download the app.

Decentralized – you are your own bank, Send money instant, anytime, anywhere without any permissions. You are your own bank and you have full control over your money. No queues no wait to handle your own cash.

No Inflation

It is limited to 21 million and can never be minted/printed/added more.  unlike usd for eg which is being printed in trillions which is creating a inflation in market valuation. some countries like Venezuela fiat money has become practically worthless and everyone is adopting to BCH

BCH is a cryptocurrency which is a combination of store of value and a utility, BCH works on the original vision/white paper of Satoshi Nakamoto, it works on the blockchain technology, Yes it is volatile like any other crypto but one has the option to transfer it in stable coins , (merchants connect it to their bank accounts if needed even though that’s not the purpose)

Where and how do I use/spend my BitcoinCash?

Same as you spend cash, Anywhere you wish to.. No business is too small or big for BCH, BItcoinCash is for everyone.

More and more businesses are adopting to BitcoinCash in many countries..

From a tire shop to a car dealer.

Restaurants, bars, supermarkets, hospitals, gas stations, travel agencies, hotels, jewelry and watches, duty free stores(perfumes-liquor-tobacco-watches), schools, telephone companies, cinemas, electronic stores, and more. You can even buy property and second citizenship with BitcoinCash. Millions of websites already accept BitcoinCash. One of them is which offers a 15% off on Amazon purchases. (A list of others is at the end of this article)

The adoption is growing by the day in countries like St Kitts & Nevis & St Maarten where you don’t even need Fiat currency or a credit card as most business accept BitcoinCash.

Dubai, India, Grenada, Venezuela, USA, Australia, Slovenia, and many other countries have seen a massive rise in merchants adopting BitcoinCash. has the listings and details for merchants that accept BCH all over the globe with their contact details and addresses.

Through, gift cards can also be purchased on the app for major brands like Adidas, Delta airlines. Burger King, Burlington, Carnival Cruises, Dominoes, Gap, The Home Depot, Macys, and many many more.

How do I get/buy BitcoinCash?

There are crypto ATM’s and online exchanges around the world that can sell you BCH. Validators can earn a reward for approving transactions (mining) because every transaction goes via a series of blocks. The best way is to earn BCH by accepting it for your goods and services. If you are working, then ask your employer to pay you part or all of your salary in BCH. Recently many businesses and even countries have started doing their payroll in BitcoinCash! For example, in St Maarten MP Rolando Brison became the first elected member of parliament to request his entire salary in BitcoinCash and is even tabling the legislation for it to be a Legal Tender. BitcoinCash is listed with all Major Crypto exchanges in the world.

How do you send/receive BCH?

Download the Wallet yes it’s a wallet and not an account so no institution or government can freeze your wallet. You have full control over your wallet and money.

Each wallet has a unique address with random numbers that can be used to send BCH, There are many others options from scanning a QR code or just send it via text messaging like WhatsApp/Telegram/Email etc so it doesn’t matter which part of the globe you are in. It takes seconds, and there are no charges to send BCH to family-friends-or to make a purchase BCH can also be airdropped.

Why does the price Fluctuate? 

Like everything, the price is set by supply and demand. As more people demand to use BCH as money, because the BCH supply is limited, the price will have to rise in terms of rupees or dollars in order to accommodate that additional demand.

The price fluctuation is everywhere, but the long term trend will be up if more and more people start to use BCH as money. Eventually, the price will become much more stable.

How do I accept BitcoinCash as a merchant or a self employed?

It takes less then 2 minutes to download the wallet on any phone/tablet/computer.

The BitcoinCash Register application also takes another minute to download and then it can be linked to your Wallet. One can create many wallets for each location and also there can be many cash registers linked to a wallet. There are applications in which the accounting team can supervise the transaction for daily sales without having  any control over the wallet so the business owner doesn’t have to be present. Transactions can range from 0.01 cent to million + and takes less than seconds to complete and are fully secure.

Also BitcoinCash register app accepts BCH from any Wallet/account.

For E-Commerce merchants

There are many bch payment gateways like that can be connected to your wallet and it works on the same low fees and instantly

Is BitcoinCash/ crypto Legal and can I accept it in my business?

All countries have their own laws and regulations.

But most of them recently have adopted to crypto. In some countries even banks have started to welcome crypto transactions. In India, the Supreme Court passed a judgement that banks are obliged to open accounts for crypto exchanges. El Salvador and an African nation accepted a crypto as a legal tender. PayPal accepts BCH. A few companies/exchanges issued visa and master cards linked to their crypto account.

What are the benefits of BitcoinCash? Why should I consider BitcoinCash over other cryptocurrencies?

Imagine you can go back in time and buy Bitcoin for under 200 usd?

Here is your chance with BitcoinCash because BitcoinCash is the real Bitcoin.

When the white paper for bitcoin was published by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 it was never intended to be treated just as a store of value so the the rich become even richer. It was made so that everyone can use it as a utility and be free from the hassles of the control over your own money which Bitcoin has totally failed. Lately Bitcoin has been increasingly expensive with fees and the transaction time ranges from 10 minutes to hours, days, and occasionally weeks!

Even the block size of BitcoinCash now supports up to 256 MB with ongoing research to allow future increases.

That’s one of the reasons in 2017  the founders/initials investors/creators/developers of Bitcoin changed the name to BitcoinCash and all this info is available on

Also get exclusive discounts on many websites also it eliminate credit card and bank transfer fees.

What is SmartBCH?

SmartBCH is a side chain of BitcoinCash which is compatible with Ethereum’s EVM and Web3 API supporting Defi Apps via short blocks. More details on SmartBCH is available online at

The conclusion :

What is BitcoinCash. BCH is the real Bitcoin.

Download the wallet/cash register app explains a lot and in 16 diff languages offers discounts on Amazon purchases has the guide to merchants accepting bch – one of the online payment gateway for bch

wanna recharge your mobile anywhere in the world &

Want to accept crypto at your business?

Once you have used BCH, you’ll be amazed how easy it is to send and

receive payments from anywhere in the world, whether it’s your own

town or opposite side of the planet

Roger Ver, Founder of


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