Arham Energy Limited sets 2070 goal for net zero carbon emissions

Arham Energy Limited sets 2070 goal for net zero carbon emissions

Arham Energy Limited has been a tall figure in the energy sector due to its vast reach of trade networks and premium delivery services. The company caters to the fuel needs of multinationals, listed and large-cap companies and has a large chain of sub-traders pan India.

It helps industries to swiftly transition to Natural Gas via pipeline distribution network which is an online system consisting of safety valves and regulators that monitor the gas supply and pressure. Under the able guidance of V.M. Jain, it has 35 plus years of expertise in the domain of coal, petroleum, and biomass energy generation.

As fuel is the catalyst of the economy, and India being the largest economy, the group’s focus has been on trading it to support businesses, industries in this nation building exercise.

However, the ambition of development has not blinded us to the responsibility of environment conservation, and we are mindful of over extraction of resources in the form of non-renewable sources. In a bid to make India clean and green, the group is foraying into the services side of renewable energy (solar and wind), lithium ion and graphene batteries and hydrogen fuel cells, and is setting up a plant to make Bio CNG gas from waste.

Our project involving Gasohol, a mixture of petrol and ethanol has been launched to produce a clean fuel with reduced vehicular emission and pollution. It is also in tandem with the country’s target of blending 20 percent ethanol in petrol.

It is also working on producing third-generation biofuel from marine organisms as it was in support of generating second-generation biofuel from agricultural waste, especially feedstock.

Our projects ‘Hydrogrinn’ and ‘Grovenergy’ aim to use clean fuel like hydrogen and alcohol, and ‘evolta’ aims to improve the infrastructure of ‘battery storage’ through technological support, research development, and collaboration with other partners.

We have also joined hands with the PM’s initiative of achieving net zero by 2070 and have launched many projects in that direction. Achieving net zero by 2070 means a direct call to action right now, and we are more than ready to jump on the bandwagon with our adequate resources, enthusiasm and good intent.


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