Archana Jain Puts a light on 8 Things That Drain Your Energy

Archana Jain Puts a light on 8 Things That Drain Your Energy
Archana Jain

While we are made up of energy, our energy is not limitless. Sadly, many things in this life can easily drain our energy, oftentimes without us knowing it.

Most often, the things that destroy and drain our energy are things that remove us from our spiritual selves. In modern times, there are so many ways for our energy to get drained, and what is worse is that most of us are glad to make the trade. However, at the end of the day, when you continue to make this trade-off time and time again, you are slowly but surely chipping away at your well-being.

1. Too much technology.

In modern times, technology is everywhere. There are televisions in almost every room, smartphone’s in everyone’s pockets, computers in every home, and video game consoles adorning the room of nearly every teenager and young adult. With that said, spending too much time engaging with technology is going to deplete your precious energy.

2. Toxic people.

Toxic people are somewhat psychic vampires. They will feed off of your energy, purposefully make you angry or upset, and constantly create drama in your life. The more you are around them, the more they will drain you. If you can’t remove toxic people from your life-please impose limits.

3. Over processed diet.

The western diet is predominantly processed meat, cheeses, boxed convenience meals, techno color sodas, and fast food. While it may be okay to eat these foods in a balanced diet-they will drain your energy when consumed daily.

4. Obsession with the material world & money.

Yes, money is needed. However, when you obsess over it- you are only going to make life much harder on yourself. Money is not everything and when you obsess over it- it takes you away from your spirit.

5. Complete disconnection to spirit.

As a culture, we have gone from one end of the spectrum to the other. Oftentimes, we perceive the world through the lens of religion or secularity- but there is another alternative: spirituality. Being spiritual doesn’t mean you are religious- it merely means that you acknowledge your soul and the soul/spirit of others.

6. Social media.

Energy is real, we know that. And the thing is when you allow others access to you-you give them access to your energy. Now, imagine if you gave millions of people access to your energy. That is exactly why constant social media use is going to drain you of your energy.

7. Too much alcohol or drugs.

Alcohol, drugs, and other addictions take us away from our spirit. They drain us of our precious life force, and if you find yourself struggling with addiction, it can be very beneficial to try to find recovery as soon as possible.

8. Lack of boundaries.

Boundaries are everything. When you give others access to you without boundaries-you are giving them your energy. As long as you continue to navigate social relationships without boundaries, you are going to find yourself drained time and time again.


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