AI-Assisted Forex Trading Is The Future, Says India’s Leading Currency Trader Siby Varghese

AI-Assisted Forex Trading Is The Future Says India’s Leading Currency Trader Siby Varghese

Algorithms have replaced pens & diaries in the largest financial market in the world – Forex Trading. Currency trading isn’t what it used to be a decade ago and it has Artificial Intelligence (AI) behind it. AI-based tools are using predictive analysis and machine learning to predict which way the market will move. This watershed development has made Forex Trading a child’s play and a welcome step to bring in more enthusiasts. We are talking about the Automatic Trading AI software launched by India’s leading currency trader Siby Varghese, which promises a better trading experience than what traditional trading gives you. Siby has made use of technology to create algorithms that use real-time data analytics to make market-based predictions and customize the consumer response accordingly. The result is an efficient trading record and, of course, more profits than losses.

Talking about this revolutionary software, launched by Siby under his own brand name, Siby Varghese, it assists traders in carrying out the day-to-day functions while buying, selling, analyzing currencies. Here is what Automatic Trading AI can do –

  • Assist traders in reading and understanding real-time pricing data – Traders often are busy individuals even if it is their side-hustle. So, they need someone else, like a robot, to look into, analyse and make sense of the real-time pricing data, so that they can make more informed decisions.
  • Predicting currency trends – It is hard to predict currency trends, especially when the world of Forex is such a volatile space. But for a robot, it is not so difficult to keep track.
  • Priority-based classification of relevant data – Internet today is a storehouse of data but not all data is useful to you as a trader. Leave it to the AI-assisted trading software to pick out the relevant bits and pieces for you to use.
  • Avoid panic selling – Traders sometimes panic when the market is either up or down too fast. Watching others panic can also cause the same reaction. However, a robot’s cool and calm mind can handle the pressure and make a decision only if it is right.
  • Minimize losses during unfavourable market times – Markets keep changing direction every day but your profits would remain up always because Artificial Intelligence makes well-informed decisions regarding what to sell and what to buy.
AI-Assisted Forex Trading Is The Future, Says India’s Leading Currency Trader Siby Varghese
Siby Varghese

A few years ago, Nikkei included an AI as a contestant for its “Dollar-Yen Derby Competition.” To everyone’s surprise, the AI made the most accurate forecast about the exchange rate to be later that month. It was able to beat 400 readers and 10 experienced analysts. That is the power of using the right tool for Forex trading and if you are still not convinced, may be Siby can convince you, “Artificial Intelligence is not new to the world. In fact, for years now, we’ve been using AI like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant to do household chores, driving to unknown locations, office meetings, and entertainment or doing grocery shopping. Specially designed software can also do Forex Trading, which can reduce your risks and make the experience convenient for the average trader.” He describes the main features of the AI-assisted Forex Trading Software as follows –

  • It mitigates human error.
  • It is faster & more economical.
  • It can dip into the Data Pools for the best Data.
  • It is productive and more efficient to use.
  • It enhances your trading experience.
  • It works without bias.
  • It is compliant identity checks.
  • It is works well in case of regulatory compliance

Professional Forex traders need to give up on a lot, including their personal lives, in order to stay ahead of the game. Well, with this software, things are going to change because there will be someone else to take care of your Forex worries now. AI-based technologies operate along with the market, which means the traders don’t need to stick to their computer screens for most part of their working day. They can step away from their Computer monitors or Smartphone screens and still indulge in successful trading.

With so much going in favour of the AI-assisted Forex Trading, you really don’t need any more reasons to join the bandwagon and hand over your trading worries to a robot! Siby Varghese would agree too!

If you want to connect with Siby Varghese for his revolutionary Automatic Trading AI , you can contact him on mail – or mobile number – +971585531408.


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